TrailRunner touch and RaceBunny – Outdoor route planning for iPad

[] Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Berbie Software today announced that TrailRunner touch 1.1 and RaceBunny 4.4 are now available on the App Store. TrailRunner touch is an easy to use route planning app for runners, bikers and hikers. RaceBunny is a GPS tracking application for the iPhone.

“Did you ever want to know how far that running route is? Or would you like to know how far you must run to burn that 1000 calories? Then TrailRunner touch is the route planning app you’re looking for.” said Berbie, developer of TrailRunner touch. “With the new releases of TrailRunner touch 1.1 and RaceBunny 4.4 users can now plan running, hiking or bike tours with TrailRunner touch for the iPad and take these with them. So RaceBunny is the mobile GPS enabled map hikers and bikers ever wanted”.

TrailRunner touch is based on the openStreetMap project. With TrailRunner touch, users can create and collect routes for running, hiking, biking and travel. The main features of TrailRunner touch are:

* Create and modify routes using the easy route planner
* Create new routes with ways suitable for the planned activity
* Modify the planned route to match your target distance, profile or amount of burned calories
* Import GPX or KML files from your iPhone, GPS device or a community portal
* View mile markers along a routes course
* Automatically download elevation data
* Select and inspect parts of a route to learn about its profile
* Name, rate, flag, comment and colorize collected routes
* Calculate the approximate calories burned for a given route and sport activity
* Send Routes created in TrailRunner touch to your iPhone and track the course
* Synchronize routes as GPX files with a connected dropbox account to share and edit on your Mac or PC

RaceBunny 4.4 is also based on the openStreetMap project. With RaceBunny users can display routes created in TrailRunner touch and follow their course. The main features of RaceBunny are:

* Track your current location on a map using the build in GPS of the iPhone
* Connect with TrailRunner touch and display planned routes
* Follow a route or a set of alternatively colored routes
* Record the trip
* Preload maps for planned routes for offline usage

Pricing and Availability:
TrailRunner touch is available on the App Store for $9.99 / 7,99 Euro. RaceBunny is available on the App Store for $5.99 / 4,99 Euro.TrailRunner touch 1.1
Purchase and Download

Started in 2005, Berbie Software pioneered the development of a Mac OS X application focused on outdoor and long distance sports. By building a mash-up of various services, TrailRunner delivers a simple to use application that covers most features outdoor enthusiasts need to plan and journalize their activities. Copyright (C) 2012 Berbie Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Wolfgang Berberich
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