Track Your Key Performance Indicators On Your Apple Watch With Numerics

[] Mumbai, India – Cynapse is proud to announce the global availability of Numerics for the Apple Watch, especially designed to monitor and track key business metrics from the wrist. The sole purpose of Numerics is to keep users aware of their key performance indicators – sales today, number of tasks for the day, marketing effort’s performance or any other metric that matters most to the user. The quick accessibility and availability of these numbers on the Apple Watch can make all the difference between knowing them at a critical time or ignoring them completely.

Wearable technology has been forecasted to become an integral part of business strategy and will redefine the way people engage with their work. The Apple Watch is set to lead the revolution by miniaturizing computing onto people’s wrists. This presents a huge opportunity for apps to enable users to connect them with their business, customers or employees in a whole new way.

Since the invention of wristwatches, people have been glancing at them to track time; a changing number thats universally important to everyone. Cynapse believes the logical step for a smart watch is to enable its user to track other changing numbers that are more personal and uniquely relevant to the user. “So we set out with a mission to design a unique personal experience for Numerics on the Apple Watch to help our users better engage with their important numbers. Because, what is a smart watch without a great app that drives the user to strap it on everyday.” said Romasha Roy Choudhury, VP – Product Design, Cynapse.

The iPhone and Apple Watch versions of Numerics work together rhythmically. Users can select metrics from the Numerics iPhone app to be shown on the watch and get alerted on changes. Any of these metrics can be set as a glance on the Apple watch so its just a swipe away. Numerics for the Apple Watch implements Handoff so when a user is looking at a metric on the watch, she can seamlessly continue to zoom into the data on her phone with a swipe from the lock screen. It’s one app that moves with the user from the wrist to the palm and back again.

Numerics v3 also bundles a slick new feature on the iPhone and iPad – Deeplinking. With this new enhancement, on swiping a widget’s notification from the lock screen or tapping on Numerics’ Today Screen widget will navigate the user directly to the zoom view of the widget, instead of just opening the app, saving precious time and improving the user experience greatly.

Numerics for the Apple Watch is now available on the App Store. Owners of the Apple Watch can download it for free and try it out starting now on their Apple Watch.

Pricing and Availability:
Numerics is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Business Category. Premium in-app widget packs are available at variable pricing ranging from $1.99 to $99.99 (USD). Numerics is a universal app – is available for the iPhone and the iPad. If you are a writer and have any questions, please contact us.Numerics
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###Romasha Roy Choudhury
VP – Product Design
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