TouchAbility Thumb Pads Set To Revolutionise Touchscreen Gaming

[] Surrey, United Kingdom – These days, playing games on a mobile phone or tablet touchscreen is becoming increasingly popular, and many handsets are now often regarded as all-round entertainment systems rather than just communication devices . However, playing certain types of game on a smooth touch screen device with on-screen “virtual buttons” can often be a frustrating experience, especially when compared with the classic tactile experience of using traditional physical joypads or arcade sticks. You just don’t get the same feeling when playing games on a flat touch sensitive device.

TouchAbility Thumb Pads are designed to solve this very modern problem, and bring pure gaming pleasures back to the latest handheld devices! TouchAbility Thumb Pads add a unique physical control pad and a variety of real buttons to your touchscreen devices for enhanced gaming precision. The analogue control pad allows full 360 degree rotation for more accurate control, and the five different keypads ensure compatibility with thousands of different games.

The pads are made of soft and flexible silicone which is easily removable and will not harm the screen in any way. The 6-in-1 set also includes a convenient carry case for easy storage and portability. In addition, TouchAbility Thumb Pads are compatible with almost any touchscreen device including the full Apple iPad and iPhone ranges, as well as many other popular smartphones and tablet devices. For mobile phone game lovers, they are set to become an essential accessory, allowing everyone to get the most out of their favorite games anywhere and anytime.

The real benefit is the tactile feedback and confidence you get from pressing an actual physical button, compared to touching an on-screen virtual button found on many current games. TouchAbility Thumb Pads aim to increase accuracy, maximise precision and enhance enjoyment whilst playing your favourite game. They are available now at the official TouchAbility online store for $11.99 (USD).TouchAbility
Thumb Pads

Located in the UK, TouchAbility was founded in 2010 and quickly became one of the leading UK based online retailers of touchscreen friendly gloves. Now manufacturing and selling a wider range of gadgets and accessories, their goal is to ensure that every product they offer adds something special to the everyday technology that we now take for granted, enhancing the user experience. Copyright (C) 2012 TouchAbility All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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Product Manager
United Kingdom
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