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[] Chico, California – iMobLife is proud to announce their lineup of top quality Health and Fitness, and Lifestyle apps. Many times, users curse the cumbersome ordeal of a lot of apps that are not useful and prepare to shake with fury. This time, they don’t have to just get a hammer, smash their smartphonephone and start over. iMobLife specializes in developing top quality apps in the field of Health and Fitness/Lifestyle on Android, iOS and Mac Platforms, that would be of utmost benefit to you.

Everyone’s talking about health and fitness today. The whole world is trying to get into better shape, and folks don’t want to be left behind. Thankfully, iMobLife produces quality apps for smartphones that can help anyone become fitter and healthier with great health and fitness apps that cost next to nothing. Users don’t have to blow through their savings on gym memberships and personal trainer fees.

Below are the benefits of the top quality Health and Fitness/Lifestyle apps by iMobLife:

Brainwaves: There is an ever-expanding category of apps that thousands of people with trouble relaxing or sleeping swear by. Users won’t find these apps in the health category very often though, since the science behind this particular genre of software hasn’t been proven scientifically to produce results. That said, as someone who has suffered from severe sleep disturbances all her life, I can tell you that whether it’s the placebo effect or the various tones these apps emit – or a combination of both – discovering them has restored something akin to a circadian rhythms for most people and I hope they can do the same for our users.

The top quality Health and Fitness/Lifestyle apps by iMobLife apps tend to have some basic similarities so here’s what users need to know. Most have at least three components. One is an assortment of ambient sounds anything from white noise to birds chirping to waves crashing – all designed to both shut out external stimulation and to promote a state of relaxation. Most of these apps also offer some sort of musical background – usually loops of new-age style riffs again designed to help you stop thinking and drift off. Recently they announced the new version of Brainwave iOS app.

The obvious features of version 4.15 are:
* Spanish and German language packs pre-installed
* Add Account feature, sync all brainwaves on iOS & Mac devices

Subliminals Work: Subliminals Work is a specially designed program developed by iMoblife Inc. that is dedicated to help people have a healthy and positive lifestyle by listening to subliminal recordings. These recordings, by using Positive Voice Affirmations that are repeated low enough to bypass users’ conscious and penetrate their subconscious, can reprogram users’ subconscious effectively and help them achieve a desired state.

Affirmations: Want to enrich your life? Want to feel more inspired? Working on goals to achieve better health, more success, more wealth, or better interpersonal relationships? Then this is the perfect application for you!

This app provides users with 365 positive daily affirmations on topics of Love, Friendship, Motivation, Health, Joy, Peace, Hope, Dreams, Kindness, Wisdom, Goals, Forgiveness, Spirituality, Miracles, Acceptance, Relationship, Courage, Family, Intimacy, Abundance, Happiness, Success, Wealth, Confidence, Purpose, Money, Positive Attitude, among many others.

Use these positive affirmations to direct what a focus will be, and start living a more productive and quality life!

iMobLife is offering these great Thanksgiving specials:

Brainwaves: 40% OFF 20 popular brainwave sessions! Nov.24-Nov.30.

Subliminal Work: 40% OFF 15 selected recordings & Buy One Year Subscription and get a 3-month extension for free.

Affirmation: 50% OFF on Subscription Plans! A 1- Year Subscription: Usually $39.99, now $19.99. A 1-Month Subscription: Usually $9.99, now $4.99. Nov. 25- Nov. 30

Enjoy these wonderful apps!iMobLife
Brainwaves 4.15 for iOS
Subliminals Work 2.1 for iOS
Affirmations 1.0 for iOS

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