Tiny Solar – Open sand-box universe simulative game for iOS

[prMac.com] WuHan, China – When looking up to the sky with shining stars, have you ever been wondering what are there or what happened in the great universe? Yep, there are a plenty of asteroids wandering in clueless, there are huge fixed stars around which the planets traveling. They might interact each other, crash, explode, and then become fantasies in the universe. There might be black holes, which even swallow the light. And there might be aliens who drive their pirate ships to grab everywhere.

If you want to experience the interest of universe, take a shoot on Tiny Solar, which is an open sand-box universe simulative game. Through getting close to any substance in the universe and attracting them to your orbit, you can expand your galaxy. You can choose to absorb them or keep some senior planets around you. You will grow from a single fragment to a planet, living planet, little star, middle star, huge star, galaxy and finally to a black hole which can swallow everything. You will feel increasingly stronger and enjoy fun from different stages.

In the vast infinite universe, there are a lot of other galaxies. You might meet many of them when you move your galaxy to discover the mysterious universe. Some are weak, while some are very powerful, the gravitation spread everywhere and will attract you close to them. Some planets system will become very aggressive and will dispatch the fleets attack you. You can strengthen your galaxy ceaselessly or use your wisdom exterminate the powerful enemy or bully the weak, which will bring you considerable sense of achievement.

After you being familiar with the Tiny Solar and finishing one circle of games, the mission mode will be opened for you. There are more than 30 various tasks waiting for your challenges, which prepare you the reward if you accomplish them.

There are extra options hidden in the Tiny Solar. You can unlock them as your wish. They can make you much more stronger and the battle then must be much more drastic.

Now, get ready to forge your own fantastic star journey!!!!6Nice Studio
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