TimeTag 8.1 for iOS Released – Time Tracking for Teams and Businesses

[prMac.com] Dallas, Texas – Time tracking should be simple and only take a few seconds, especially in a business or team of people. Since most time trackers are so difficult to use, people instead use pen and paper or even worse, they guess. TimeTag 8.1 removes the need for guessing or difficult software or spreadsheets. Developed for iOS, macOS, and the web, TimeTag 8.1 now supports teams of people to track their time easily and share progress on projects and tasks with each other and their managers.

TimeTag was designed to be simple, easy to use, and effective in time tracking and collecting data. It is being used by a number of companies today for those exact reasons– training on the app takes just a matter of minutes, and the data collected is helping businesses optimize downtime, understand their employee’s activities, and collect billing data for customers.

TimeTag Team works by allowing managers and team owners to create shared projects and tasks. When employees and team members start a timer, and tag their time using a shared tag, it is automatically sent to the manager in real-time for review. Records can then be fully exported to CSV, and used in any modern spreadsheet program or data analytics tool. Users of TimeTag can also use the app for personal time tracking. Only timers set with shared tags are sent to their managers– everything else is kept private and just for the user to see, allowing them to easily mix personal and professional time management.

TimeTag Team for iOS also offers the ability to act as a time clock. Employees can use a shared iPad or iPhone and start timers attached to their employee account. No account switching required– simply set the tag, and set the team member, and press start.

Finally, each member of a TimeTag Team also gains access to the full Pro version of TimeTag, which features things like device syncing, location based timers, graphing and charting tools, and improved exporting features.

TimeTag Team is available as a paid service, and costs $10 per month per member. People can sign up today by visiting our website, and purchasing a team account. The app is free to download and available on iOS and macOS, as well as in any modern browser.

Key Benefits:
* Spend more time on your work, and less time fiddling with software
* Take out the guess work of how long projects and tasks are taking, and enjoy precise time data down to the second
* Designed for mobile & cloud, TimeTag Team is available on any iOS, macOS or web enabled device
* Cut down the time spent collecting time sheets from employees from hours to minutes

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later
* 66.2 MB

Pricing and Availability
TimeTag 8.1.1 is available to download for free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. TimeTag Team is a recurring subscription priced at $10.00 (USD) per month per user, or equivalent amount in other currencies.TimeTag 8.1.1
Download from iTunes
Sign up for TimeTag Team Online
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