TimelyPick Ltd. Introduces Classic Online Solitaire Game with a Twist

[prMac.com] Ramat-Gan, Israel – TimelyPick wishes to help online enthusiasts to play solitaire again without wasting their time so they introduced their own TimelyPick solitaire card games – the sole online game in the market where while enjoying playing the classic solitaire games for free, users are able to watch and read the most popular news on the web.

The innovators – Eldad and Galit Zamler are claiming for a patent pending for this new technique. According to them “Almost every big news website like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, CNN and more have online solitaire card games, just because many people like to play these games and these websites want the visitors to stay on their website for an extended amount of time. But why not to combine between news and the favorite card games – this combination adds value to both elements.”

It is well known that millions of people love to play solitaire games. TimelyPick’s staff studied this issue and they found out through a survey that people enjoy playing solitaire card games because: it is fun, passes the time, is relaxing, challenging, addictive, helps train the brain and it is a great game. Those players can now play the most popular solitaire card games Klondike and Spider with dynamic content which is taken from TimelyPick’s website that curates current popular news from around the web by topic. The content on the card’s face is updated every 4 hours, according to “a vote cycle” on TimelyPick’s website.

Players can choose their best topic like: Science, tech, animals, film, fashion, marketing, etc. and play with the topic curated popular news on the cards face.

Before developing TimelyPick’s solitaire, founders Eldad and Galit checked what makes an online solitaire game a good one, and based on their findings, they developed Klondike and Spider solitaire games with a user-friendly interface, HD graphics, animated cards motion and landscape support. These games are free and optimized for phones and tablets.

The founders also promise that no annoying pop-ups will be displayed on TimelyPick’s solitaire card games. “We understand the need of playing solitaire for free without disturbing ads so that is what our users will get to have during their entire visit playing our unique solitaire game.”TimelyPick
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Founded May 2015, TimelyPick is actually a popular news curator that displays the most up-to-date to highly shared news from across the web. Their uniqueness is by enabling visitors to stay updated while having fun playing contemporary and classic addicting games to lessen the boredom while navigating through their website. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 TimelyPick. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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