Tic Tac Toe World Championship for iOS and OS X Packs Multiplayer Punch

[prMac.com] Coral Springs, Florida – Tic Tac Toe World Championship is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Play turn-based multiplayer matches across platforms for the first time on Game Center. Great for friendly competition, Tic Tac Toe World Championship adds a new twist to the classic game by adding a unique ranking system. The player with the most wins is crowned World Champion. With inciting friendly competition at the forefront of the app’s theme, Tic Tac Toe World Championship for iOS and Mac add a new dimension to a game that just never goes out of style.

Another distinguishing factor that separates Tic Tac Toe World Championship from the plethora of other Tic Tac Toe apps available on the iOS and Mac App Stores is its multiplayer support. Currently, Tic Tac Toe World Championship is the only application that offers Game Center turn-based multiplayer matches on both platforms as a feature. A player on the Mac can play a match with a friend on iOS, or vice versa.

* Play turn-based multiplayer matches on iOS and OS X.
* Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements.
* Pass and Play mode is fully supported. Play with friends in the same room on the same device.
* Single Player mode included.
* Beautiful, original Tic Tac Toe user-interface. Play on gorgeous wood-grain blocks.

Pricing and Availability:
Tic Tac Toe World Championship for the iPhone and Tic Tac Toe World Championship HD for the iPad are available for just $0.99 USD. Free versions are also available for both the iPhone and iPad. On OS X, Tic Tac Toe World Championship HD is available on the Mac App Store for $0.99 USD. All versions include multiplayer support.App Tyrant Apps
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