Three years after the Book release, Tejasvi Addagada’s book is the most practical and best sold books in Data Management and Governance

The book “Data Management and Governance Services – Simple and Effective Approaches” provides proven frameworks for business, and technology leaders.

This is a a handbook for practitioners who are starting-up and implementing data management as standard services to monetize data through Data Science and data driven value chains.

Further, the book details –
1. How can a Data office overcome cultural challenges in data offices today?
2. Analyze complex data landscapes and formalize a data management strategy
3. Operationalize data quality and metadata management as standard services
4. Setting up a Data Governance functions while formalizing it for an enabling culture
5. Define benefits-realization model to monitor value from data

Most organizations actively manage and govern their data primarily to comply with regulations like BCBS, MIFID etc. However, To monetize data, Executives and the Board need to align their organization principles to Data Discovery, Right Data Interpretation, Coverage, Availability and Inter-operability. The book provides frameworks that will propel the grass-roots through standard and consistent processes that can imbibe the changing data principles.

To set up a formalized data office, it is also crucial to proceed with sustainable operations to realize continuous business benefits. Also, data governance is a pervasive enabler that supports a firm’s corporate governance principles in order to build trust in regulators, customers, and investors.

The book is available in Amazon book store where one can grab a copy.

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