Three New Ways to Manage Bookmarks on the Mac

[] San Jose, California – Sheep Systems has announced three new apps: Smarky, Synkmark and Markster have been spun out of BookMacster, its master bookmarks manager app for the Mac. Macintosh users now have three new ways to manage bookmarks in their web browsers.

“For the last couple years, we’ve been fielding flak from users about BookMacster being too complicated for what they need,” says Sheep Systems’ Chief Engineer Jerry Krinock. “Indeed, BookMacster is three-plus apps in one.”

Now, users can have only the app they want, with one of three new “focused” apps…
* Smarky: Organize, and, in particular, alphabetize Safari bookmarks.
* Synkmark: Organize and keep Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox bookmarks in sync.
* Markster: Directly access bookmarks in a Central Store, from within any app.

BookMacster is there for those who want all of the above, and more. And because the apps are sold directly and not via the Mac App Store, users can easily upgrade to BookMacster, or downgrade for free, if their needs change. All four apps have more or less of the same user interface, and are built on the same framework, so they get the same update support. Beta versions are available now for users running Yosemite.

Users have many options to manage bookmarks nowadays. The specialty of the BookMacster “family” is in bridging among the internal bookmarks of the various browsers, in such a way that is compatible with iCloud, signing in to Google, and Firefox Sync. “We’ve provided support to many people who have had their bookmarks corrupted by other apps which have not kept on the ball”, say Krinock.Bookmarks Manager Selection Guide
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