This woman-owned bath bomb brand is changing the way we talk about, think about, and advocate for mental health.


This woman-owned, self-funded prescription bath bomb brand is changing the way we talk about, think about, and advocate for mental health.

Student loan debt. 24-hour news cycles. Burnout culture. Every waking moment of 2020. When life gets hard The Cure•ist says, there’s a bath bomb for that.

Founded by Jenna Rodrigues, The Cure•ist is the first ever bath bomb prescription for life’s can’t even moments. Their bath bombs are handcrafted in the USA using 100% vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients because they give a sh*t. Available in a pill-shaped form (get it?), the bath bombs offer a dose of unbothered “me time” in addition to an unfiltered take on normalizing self-care and squashing mental health stigmas.

“I was inspired to create an experience that would create a moment of action during a moment of self-care” says Rodrigues, who grew her career working for both established brands and disruptive start-ups as a graphic designer & brand builder. “In my mind, it was the only way I could justify creating the business. I didn’t just want to do it for myself. I wanted to help create positive social change while creating a brand for millennials that rewards us for taking care of ourselves and establishing healthy norms.”

Why bath bombs and why now? Millennials spend an average of $555.58 per year on personal care and service within the $10 billion industry, so this reveals two key things—one, we’re not just blowing the rent on avocados, and two, we’re the ones who understand how important it is to prioritize self care. Especially in these dumpster fire times. We’re inheriting a climate crisis. The Social Security program is sure to fade like Trump’s spray tan by the time we retire. Racist Karens are spreading like an STD. And because of COVID-19, we now live at work with little to no boundaries if we’re lucky enough to still have a job from home.

Our generation wants to take action and be the change, but we also need a sanity break. So, we pop a bath bomb into the tub for a time out. And every time that happens, The Cure•ist donates 10% of net proceeds to an organization that supports mental health care. It may be small, but it creates a moment of action during a moment of self care.

So here’s to running a bath, creating change in the world, and making self-care as common as someone sliding into those DMs.

Retailing for $13, The Cure•ist is currently available to shop online at

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