The Woods – A Psychological First Person Action Adventure Horror Game

[] Birmingham, United Kingdom – 3 Cubes Research Limited is excited to announce the upcoming release of The Woods for iOS devices. To be released worldwide on the 7th of December 2012, The Woods is highly atmospheric and visually stimulating game. The tension builds slowly but soon you will be running for your life, terrified to look over your shoulder throughout. The in game flashlight can burn away spirits momentarily but the speed and severity of their attacks increases every time you see the demonic horned demon.

The game looks stunning and has silky smooth first person control system allowing the player to focus on the action. There’s even an optional reaction camera built in to capture those jump scare moments when creating YouTube videos. It utilises the face-time camera of iOS devices to create a “Picture in Picture” live image that is displayed in the top left of the screen.

The Woods has been optimised for older devices allowing for a smooth playable experience on both iPod touch 4G and iPhone 4 even with Per-Pixel lighting. When using newer devices The Woods is simply stunning displaying thick vegetation throughout. Additional Anti-Aliasing has even been added to non retina displays (iPad 2 and iPad mini) compensating for the loss of resolution. A beautifully smooth and responsive first person control system has been specifically developed to elegantly control both player and flashlight giving a very natural feel to movement when peering into the dark dense wood.

Feature Highlights:
* Per-Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slower devices
* Live Reaction Camera (not available on iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G)
* Retina support
* Anti Aliasing
* Support for iPhone 4/4S/5 Gen, iPod touch 4/5 Gen and iPad 2/3/4 and mini
* Large free roaming Wood
* Elegantly designed game changing first person control system
* Over 20 Pages to collect throughout the wood in various locations

The Woods will be released worldwide on the 7th of December 2012 (tier 1 pricing).

Pre-release promotional codes available on request.The Woods
YouTube Video
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3 Cubes Research Limited is an independent software development company based in the UK. The current range of App Store titles include both educational software and games. Copyright (C) 2012 3 Cubes Research Limited. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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