The Wagyu Bar: Miami’s First Casual Steakhouse is now open

Most steakhouses are all smoke and mirrors. Multi-million-dollar build-outs, fancy service, wooden chairs but cheap meat. They shy away from disclosing beef programs and even beef grading. The Wagyu Bar ( is a casual steakhouse with a focus on the actual steak. No Smoke, No Mirrors, just Meat N’ Bone… which means the finest proteins, cooked to perfection.

The recently opened restaurant is located right on Coral Way, between Brickell and Coral Gables (2257 Coral Way, Miami FL 33145). The space is cozy and intimate. It lives up to the concept of a “Casual Steakhouse”: Eames chairs, simple tables and some funky decor that invites you to have a good time without feeling under or overdressed. It is the perfect spot to indulge on the finest Japanese Wagyu steaks or to have some wine and carpaccio.

The menu presents plenty of variety for the carnivore in you. Including 3 different grades of Wagyu steaks, as well as Dry Aged beef, Burgers, Sausages and Carpaccio. For those not into beef, there is high quality seafood, domestic lamb and Iberico Pork on the as well as Elk and Bison. Every steak is cooked not with oil, but with A5 fat which gives it a special touched.

The sides are just as special, Bacon Mac & Cheese made with Benton’s famous bacon or delicious creamy spinach. You can always splurge on lobster or the gorgeous African Tiger Prawns.

As for the drinks, The Wagyu Bar carries Inedit Beer (crafted by Ferran Adria) along a comprehensive lineup of sake, wine and Champagne.

The team behind The Wagyu Bar is the same three guys that started Meat N’ Bone: Luis Mata, German Vollbracht and Gabriel LLaurado. You will often find them sitting on one of the tables with a big smile waiting for guests to come in as they work on their laptop.

As to the why behind this new venture… well, it is fairly simple: “Why not? We spent years searching for the best protein in the world… so now we get to cook it”

Open daily from 11AM to 10PM, The Wagyu Bar has both interior and exterior seating and follows COVID19 protocols to keep customers safe.

Menu and reservations are available in and the restaurant offers a curated take-out menu under the name MNB Kitchen on Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub and DoorDash.

Contact info:
Name: Gabriel LLaurado
Organization: The Wagyu Bar
Address: 2257 Coral Way. Miami, FL 33145
Phone: +1 (786) 579-2498
Email: info ( @ ) thewagyubar dot com

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