The ‘Swiss PDF-knife’ pdf-DocPro includes now a password checker

[] Solingen, Germany – UNIVERSE Software announces pdf-DocPro 9. To protect PDF documents, it is necessary to use passwords. A distinction is made in User Password and Master Password. The user password is required to open the PDF file. The master password controls the properties of the PDF file, such as whether the file can be printed. pdf-DocPro supported in version 9 is now the handling of passwords with a password checker.

The password checker checks used master and user passwords based on rules. For example, to determine whether small and capital letters must appear in the password. Here, different specifications are defined and stored.

In addition, each of the benchmarks, a password is automatically generated and so a high level of security can be achieved.

All tools of the “Swiss knife PDF” can be used for any succession, can be removed in one step from a PDF document pages, then pasted from a PDF form pages, and finally a complete PDF document attached. A preview allows to work comfortably and quickly check the result.

pdf-DocPro – as a member of the pdf-recover family – is therefore a universal tool for manipulating PDF documents and PDF forms as a pure Java development and currently runs under the operating systems Windows and Mac OSX. Linux on request.UNIVERSE Software
pdf-DocPro 9

Based in Solingen, Germany, UNIVERSE Software GmbH supplies solutions for the PDF (portable document format) system. The company has specialised in developing and marketing especially powerful and cost-effective PDF software solutions based on state-of-the-art Java technologies and methods, thus minimising the product’s dependence on specific hardware platforms and operating systems. Development and service are focused on solutions in creating and processing PDF forms, saving filled-out PDF forms in Adobe Reader, solutions for automatically populating PDF forms from databases, processing PDF form data (FDF), software for removing the main PDF password and so on, up to complete workflow solutions based on PDF technology. Founded in 1998, the company has developed a customer base of more than ten thousand customers in more than a hundred countries across the world. Copyright (C) 1998-2012 UNIVERSE Software GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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