The Strongest, Fastest, Limberest Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Game for iPhone X

[] Belmont, Massachusetts – ThetaPhone today is proud to announce the release of THETA Poker Pro-Texas Hold ‘Em 1.9.1, an important update to the company’s popular game title developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices. This release brings full-screen support to the new iPhone X and iOS 11 compatibility for all devices.

THETA Poker Pro is a great one-handed, short-session Texas Hold ‘Em game that lets you improve your poker skills without risking your bankroll. It is the strongest, fastest, and most configurable poker game in the App Store with support for strong and weak opponents, tournaments and ring games, career and custom play, portrait and landscape modes, and even lefty and righty preferences. Local play means no internet connection is required and allows playing up to 1,000 hands per hour without multitabling.

Optimized VoiceOver enhancements make THETA Poker Pro the most accessible iOS poker game for the sight impaired.

* Powerful, Configurable AI: THETA Poker Pro brings the strongest poker AI to the iOS App Store but provides a wide range of skills to play against. Complete beginners can start at the Easy difficulty level and work your way up as your Hold ‘Em skills improve.

* Quick, Adjustable Gameplay: Play as leisurely as you want (no timers for any of your actions) or power through up to 1,000 hands per hour, the most efficient practice you can get without multitabling online. You can play just a hand or two any time you want or complete an entire tournament in a single sitting.

* Numerous, Wide-Ranging Options: Customize how you like to play, from ring games to knockout tournaments to shootouts, from heads up to ten-player tables, from turbo blind schedules to super-long blind levels. Or just play through the default Career Mode without touching a single setting.

Other Highlights:
Developed by poker players for poker players, THETA Poker Pro’s unparalleled realism begins with human-like AI spanning weak and strong opponents, tight and loose players, and straight-shooters and bluffers. View complete blind and payout schedules, and experience chipping up, table balancing, dead buttons, tighter bubble play, optional rabbit hunting, and more.

Online-like features include heads-up displays to show how your opponents are playing and complete hand recaps that recount every action of the current hand or the entire event and can be emailed from your iPhone or iPad to you or your friends for later analysis or discussion of your best bluffs or worst bad beats.

Career Mode takes you automatically through progressively larger and tougher tournaments, but you can also configure your own knockout tournaments, shootout events, and ring games. Adjust the speed of the action, the buyin amount, the size of the blinds, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:
THETA Poker Pro-Texas Hold ‘Em 1.9.1 is a Universal Purchase ($3.99 in the U.S.) available today in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 8 or higher and Apple TV devices running tvOS 9 or higher. No ads, in-app purchases, or registration.THETA Poker Pro-Texas Hold ‘Em 1.9.1
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