The Panic Room: House of Secrets Embraces Spring Renewal

[] Cupertino, California – NIKITA ONLINE has released The Panic Room: House of Secrets, the popular hidden object thriller already enjoyed by millions of social network and mobile gamers from around the world. The game becomes an even better place to spend some copious amount of playtime searching, solving and discovering.

In the latest-to-date version of The Panic Room, currently available on iPad and iPhone, German-speaking users will be pleasantly surprised to find that all the game characters can now communicate in their native language. And that is not the only great new thing about the inhabitants of the mysterious mansion, who, in spite of the overall eeriness of the place, have successfully adopted a tradition of celebrating real-world festivities with fun-filled in-game events. While the Easter event is still in progress, there are more to follow this one up.

With new decoration elements lending a fresher sense to the well-familiar interiors, the house itself has undergone some obvious changes as well. One more perk that is hard to hide is that the game runs markedly faster than before and it is now much easier to add and invite new friends. Also everyone now has a random chance at receiving special tokens, which multiply the amount of in-game currency a player acquires at the game shop.

The Panic Room: House of Secrets creators from NIKITA ONLINE are set to maintain the positive momentum gathered by the last few updates. Additional language (French), new event (“Rats and crows”), unique virtual locations, improved interfaces and more will be all introduced to The Panic Room in the next iOS version of the game scheduled on the nearest months to come.

“Some of The Panic Room players are addicted to gameplay, others got themselves swept away by the game’s palpable atmosphere, which it owes to classy visual style, intriguing plotline and well-developed social aspects. To provide them all with lasting and diverse entertainment is our primary objective, and we are going to stick to it no matter what. My advice to The Panic Room fans is to expect to be surprised on the regular basis, since we are just getting started!” states NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko.

The Panic Room: House of Secrets gameplay is built around locating various items spread at random over intricately decorated backgrounds, as well as solving some brain-wrenching puzzles. Realistic visuals, catchy Victorian-style design and smooth soundscapes are all aimed at immersing the player deeper into the dense atmosphere of noir fiction. But what truly marks The Panic Room: House of Secrets among its counterparts is thrilling storyline reminding that of a suspense movie. A path of over 2000 plot-driven quests lies ahead of the player, who can freely choose between two rival in-game factions: The Underground and The Followers.

* Dense atmosphere of paranormal detective
* 2 alternative storylines presented in 2000 quests
* Highly-detailed graphics and immersive soundscape
* 24 unique characters
* New possibilities, game modes, characters and quests with regularly issued updates
* Special events and challenges by The Panic Room: House of Secrets dev team

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later
* 236 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The Panic Room: House of Secrets 1.2.4 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Nikita Online
The Panic Room: House of Secrets 1.2.4
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