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[] Berlin, Germany – Mailbutler GmbH today is proud to announce The New Mailbutler Beta, the initial beta of the brand-new version of their popular email extension. As before, the app allows users to keep using the familiar native email client they always have. In addition to the great Apple Mail compatibility Mailbutler has always offered, the new version also brings the app’s great features to Gmail users, allowing them to process their email more efficiently than ever before.

The New Mailbutler Beta allows Gmail and Apple Mail users to turn their tasks into items for their to-do lists, temporarily “snooze” emails, get a follow-up reminder when a response to an email hasn’t been received, be notified when a recipient opens an email, and much more. In addition, Mailbutler will remind users about possibly omitted mail attachments, undo sending an email, and upload attachments to the cloud.

What’s New in the Mailbutler Beta:
* Scheduled emails will still be sent, even if your Mac is offline or shut down
* Scheduled and snoozed emails can be seen on a user’s mobile device
* Notes can be attached directly to email messages and shared with team members
* A new Dashboard that allows users to stay organized with a streamlined overview of all activities, including scheduled emails, tracking details, completed tasks, and more

“While Mailbutler has always offered an impressive amount of new functionality to Apple Mail’s standard set of tools, Gmail users never had the same access to those great tools,” says Mailbutler GmbH CEO Tobias Knobl. “The new Mailbutler beta finally allows Gmail users to take advantage of great features like Snooze, Follow-Up, Cloud Upload, Notes, and much more!”

Mailbutler features include:
* Message Templates – Compose and save emails as templates to use them again in future
* Tasks – Turn your emails into to-do items
* Snooze – Allows users to temporarily make an email disappear from their inbox
* Follow-Up – Get a follow-up reminder when there isn’t a response to a selected email
* Tracking – Get notified when a recipient has opened their email
* Scheduling – Schedule emails to be sent at a particular date and time
* Cloud Upload – Send attachments of any size, attachment sizes are not restrained by mail provider limits
* Signatures – Create beautiful email signatures by selecting from Mailbutler’s various templates
* Undo Send – Mailbutler keeps an email in the outbox for a user specified safety period of time before sending
* Attachment Reminder – Intelligently reminds you about possibly omitted email attachments
* Notes – Mailbutler allows users to easily convert emails from Apple’s Mail application into convenient notes
* And many more – full list of features available at the Mailbutler website


There are three Mailbutler plans that are available, each tailored to a particular type of user. The three plans include the free “Essential” plan, the 7.95 EUR per month “Professional” plan, and the 19.95 EUR per month “Business” plan. Each plan includes a certain number of free actions. (An “action” is defined as whenever a user makes use of one of Mailbutler’s convenient features.)

The Essential Plan:
* Free
* Includes 30 free actions for Professional and Business features,
* After 30 free Professional or Business actions are used, outgoing messages will be marked with “powered by Mailbutler”
* Features: Attachment Reminder, Attachment Upload, Undo Send, and Unsubscribe

The Professional Plan:
* 7.95 EUR monthly / 79.50 EUR yearly
* Includes 30 free actions for Business features
* After 30 free Business actions are consumed, outgoing messages will be marked with “powered by Mailbutler”
* Features: Snippet, Send Later, Note, Signature, Tracking, Snooze, and Task

The Business Plan:
* 19.95 EUR monthly / 199.50 EUR yearly
* No Mailbutler branding
* Features: Message Templates, Auto BCC, Custom Signature, Tracking Details, Link Tracking, M Card, Public Note, Public Task

Users Love Mailbutler:

“Amazing tool for those who want to handle their emails easier and more efficiently. You’ll be surprised how much time you save!” – Paul Dziwoki, Co-Founder & CTO, Jommi

“Due to my job, it’s essential to me to use a proper Mail assistant that helps me do my work. In Mailbutler I found everything I needed. It is reliable, completes all the necessary tasks, and is easy to install and to use.” – Jennifer Huber, Consultant

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
* macOS High Sierra Compatible
* 64-bit processor
* 15.4 MB

The new Mailbutler Beta is a free download, and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mailbutler website. For more information, visit the Mailbutler website.The New Mailbutler Beta
Download Mailbutler Beta
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Based in Berlin, Germany, Mailbutler GmbH develops productivity enhancing software for macOS. The company was founded with the vision to make the life of Mac users easier, and help them complete their daily tasks in the most convenient and elegant way possible. The developers perceive security, privacy and productivity as the most important modern problems. Their main products particularly target these problems. Their software includes an Apple Mail assistant Mailbutler, and a VPN client Shimo. They have one target: to simplify life and optimize Mac users’ daily productivity. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Mailbutler GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, macOS, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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