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[] Vlotlaan, Netherlands – Lindalan Imbiz, the leading developer of fun apps will be launching yet another fun app on their list of their successful apps- Pigs Fall. Pigs Fall, a high-quality and meticulously developed enjoyable game is now live on App Store for free.

Pigs Fall is one delightful game where the player saves the endearing piggies from the sky in to the deadly jaws of a hungry shark with wicked sharp teeth. With Pigs Fall, a player needs more than fast reflexes, wit and cleverness are also necessary to take the lead on this cool game.

There is more to this game than mere “cuteness,” in this game; one learns that not all of your kind is on your side. As the gamer plays this game and save the charming pigs from lethal fate on the shark’s teeth, one has to look out for traitor pigs that will trick his kind to its death- this is where the player’s brainpower comes in.

What makes this game different from all the rest is the substance of the game itself. There is more to this game than winning its audience through cute characters, it is a game that makes its player think while entertaining. As a result, Pigs Fall has the real elements of a game that people can get enough of.

Creating an HD game and launching it for free is a bold act for a developer to do but for Lindaland Imbiz, it is their way of giving back to their loyal customers and app lovers all over the world!

For over the years, Lindalan Imbiz have developed winning apps, like Doctor Kidz, Car Maintenance Full and Abs Fun Booth to name a few. Now, this is their way of thanking those people who have supported them through their journey. Lindalan guarantees its valued customers that more iconic apps will be coming their way!

“Be sure to play this game after a bath and a full meal because you will surely zone- out and get lost in time playing this game.”
* Christy Love, Web Developer, California.

“The game is uncomplicated but loads of fun and excitement, plus the pigs are so lovable, you would want to hug them!”
* Janice Abella, SEO Specialist, Dallas

“Pigs Fall is one game that I would recommend to my friends of all ages! It is meticulously developed and thought of. Totally awesome!”
* Brian Binas, Programmer, Philippines

Pigs Fall includes several features:
* Unbeatable graphics- the shark is enough to scare your wits off
* Superior sound effects- crisp astonishing sound
* Smooth motion- no logging, very easy to manipulate
* Play against your personal record- top your last score game
* Invite friends from Facebook to play- make Pigs Fall a social activity

Requirement for Pigs Fall:
* iPhone, iPad, iTouch
* all iOS versions
* 23.8 MS

Pricing availability:
Pigs Fall is available for sale worldwide through App Store in Games category for Free! Review copies are available upon requests.Lindalan
Pigs Fall 1.0
Download from iTunes
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Located at Vlotlaan, Netherlands, at Lindalan Imibiz, we love and enjoy creating funny apps for iPhones and iPads. Just play it & have fun! Alan Leon is a cool app developer and proprietor of Lindalan Imbiz who has a passion for creating fun apps for everybody! For more app information and suggestion, you can contact us at Skype ID: alankwleon. Also follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook. Copyright (C) 2012 Lindalan Imibiz. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Alan Leon
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