The Modern Beverly Hills, 90210

Family’s Secrets Productions to launch their first web series on Seed&Spark.

FAMILY’S SECRETS: 90210 is a 10-episode multi-season web series that explores drug addiction, alcoholism, complicated friendships, and let’s not forget the drama within the family.

FAMILY’S SECRETS: 90210 is about a former teen addict returning home from rehab with her trusty therapist and tries to navigate her way through senior year with her brother and their friends but her parents are hiding a huge secret from them—their mother is dying!

Primarily this dark and heavy show is aimed for teenagers–especially those who are coming to the age of young adult–BUT it will resonate with adult fans of the show, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ and the 2008’s ‘90210’. They can find similarities the new characters and the characters they fell in love with such as Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Dylan McKay, Naomi Clark, Annie Wilson, etc.

The Seed&Spark campaign must raise at least $6,229 (80%) to be successful. The campaign starts at October 15, 2020 and ends at November 14,2020. In exchange for your pledge of support, backers will gain access to a variety of rewards/incentives unobtainable elsewhere, including digital posters, behind the scenes content, the tour of our set(s), early access to season one. Plus, there are Executive Producer credits up for grabs!

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