The Million Dollar Crowdfunding Campaign

 The Million Dollar Crowdfunding Company has launched a new website The Million Dollar Crowdfunding Campaign a site aimed at the first vote-based crowdfunding campaign.

You can buy the right to vote for one project with $2 and be then a supporter of the project that receive the most number of votes. Or you can submit your idea to be voted as a textual proposal for $30 or a video proposal for $300 and get the chance to win $1,000,000. Any kind of project or idea can be submitted and voted. However, no obscene or offensive words are allowed. There will be submitted projects and sold votes till arrive to the sum of $2,000,000. Then will be made the voting to choose the winning project that will get
the half of the founded sum $1,000,000. With the other half we support this and other initiatives.

The site will be of value to entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business.

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