The iMums’ Named Top App Resource for Children with Special Needs

[] Mirani, Australia – Children with special needs who have previously been unable to converse with those around them are being introduced to technology such as tablets and smartphones as a solution to facilitate communication and to offer learning opportunities to improve other skills. A recent segment on 60 Minutes Australia titled ‘First Words’ featured several children and adults diagnosed with Autism using iPad apps to communicate with others.

The iMums’ website has been touted as a dependable resource for parents, students and educators and has gained a reputation as one of the best go-to sites for reviews and news on apps for children with and without special needs. The iMums’ are very honored to be included in a round-up of top websites for educational apps featured on the 60 Minutes website alongside some other great resources like Apps for Homeschooling, Appy Mall and Smart Apps for Kids.

“As a parent of a child with special needs, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right app for my child. Having a resource like The iMums helps me understand what apps are available to help my child”, says one loyal reader of the website. “I appreciate everything that you do to help educators/parents have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding what is best for the children they interact with. Your site is such a true gift on the internet as it is so packed with information”, claims another.

Earlier this year, The iMums’ were listed as one of 100 Best Websites for Speech Pathologists following their highly successful event ‘Let’s Talk: Speech and Language’. This event highlighted apps that are useful for speech therapy and language development. During Autism Awareness Month in April, The iMum’s curated a list of apps recommended specifically for children with autism. The article is regularly updated as new quality apps for autism are reviewed.

“Our article garnered significant attention and helped to raise awareness of these invaluable apps that provide a voice for non-verbal children, help with speech and language development, work on social skills and fine motor skills and provide resources to use in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA),” says Mary Mahon of The iMums. “As well as apps designed for children on the autism spectrum; there are many more educational apps that we have reviewed that can also be useful for working on areas of difficulty such as fine motor skills, reading, writing, spelling, and math. Many of these apps can be used to assist all ages, not just children.”

For in-depth reviews of apps for children with special needs and product reviews of iPad cases and other protective accessories, visit The iMums website. The iMums’ regularly feature great giveaways of apps and products and will shortly be launching a giveaway for an iPad Mini. To ensure you don’t miss your chance to enter, be sure to subscribe to their blog or follow on Facebook and Twitter.The iMums
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