The i.Business Expo – Coming to New York and Dallas

[] Cape Coral, Florida – Loop USA Inc will be hosting the i.Business Expo on May 9, 2013, co-located on the show floor of the Small Business Expo, Manhattan, New York and June 27, 2013 and at the Small Business Expo, Dallas, Texas. All of our vendors will have the opportunity to provide you with hands-on demonstrations of their products and services for the iPads, iPhones and Macs Business Solutions.

Loop USA Inc. is reaching out to the growing Apple business community in New York City & Dallas to attend the i.Business Expo for networking, prizes, and gaining new industry insight for your business through Apple technology.

The i.Business Expo is continuing its national road tour across the USA targeted at the Apple-Based business community. The target audience this Exposition is focused on is the Apple business end users in all markets including, but not limited to: medical, manufacturing, real estate, legal, finance, automotive, design and retail. Participants will enjoy presentations from experts at VIPOrbit, PaySaber, Vablet, AccountEdge, Joy Factory, Lantronix, SmartDoc, and many more.

Thinking About Switching Your Business to an Apple Based Product? The i.Business Expo also looks to attract business owners that are interested in converting from PC to Mac for their daily business use or have incorporated an iPhone or iPad as part of their practice. The Expo is a day full of keynote speakers, seminars, and round table discussions.It also includes an Exhibitor Technology Fair with vendors from the industry showcasing their latest business solutions for Mac computers, iPhones and iPads. The i.Business Expo will also have an iZone Expo where you can meet with business app developers and accessory makers for the iPhone and iPad.i.Business Expo
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Welcome to the i.Business Expo, the only Apple-Related Business/Enterprise Trade Show. The i.Business Expo is designed for business professionals from all vertical markets to come out and see the latest business solutions for those using the iPad, iPhone, or Mac in their business environment. Our shows are co-located on the show floors of Major Small Business Expos & IT Conferences across North America. We are the Apple-related Business Apps, Software & Devices show pavilion on the show floor. Come learn how to promote your business with social marketing tools, protecting your data, moving your business to the cloud and migrating over to Apple with our product demos. We will have manufacturers & developers from all over North America showcasing their business solutions and innovations for Apple products. Copyright (C) 2013 i.Business Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Carmine De Santo
Show Manager
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