The Flying Sourcers Group Announces Formation Of Board Of Directors And Change In Management Structure

The Flying Sourcers Group Limited is pleased to announce the formation of a Board of Directors, as well as the following changes to the management structure, effective October 10, 2020. The newly-formed Executive Board will provide perspective and guidance on the ongoing strategic direction of The Flying Sourcers and provide insight, expertise and wisdom to influence, guide, and help to shape the Group’s innovation and growth agenda.

Gerald Chan is named Chief Executive Officer of the Flying Sourcers Group Limited and will assume responsibility for all aspects of the Company’s performance. He is also appointed as Chairman of the Executive Board.

Zoey Zhang is named Chief Financial Officer of the Flying Sourcers Group Limited, managing the financial actions of the Company, and will expand her role to include serving as the Managing Director of The Flying Sourcers Pte Ltd, the Singapore subsidiary of the Group. She is also appointed as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board.

Kymberly Yao is named Chief Creative Officer of The Flying Sourcers Group Limited. She will help set and implement the Group’s branding vision, oversee all creative development, and spearhead originative ideation across the Group’s portfolio of clients in food and beverage, healthcare, and lifestyle and beyond. She is also appointed to the Executive Board.

Andriy Prorok, Director of Brand Integrator Pte Ltd, a bespoke branding and design consultancy, is appointed to the Executive Board. He will also assume the role of Director of Sales Strategy for The Flying Sourcers Group Limited, where he will model, define, and execute initiatives that will identify new market opportunities and drive sales efficiency, productivity, and velocity.

Vanessa Li is appointed to the Executive Board, and will also serve as the Director of Marketing Strategy for the Group. In this role, she will look at strategic imperatives and industry trends impacting the Company’s future, and will be responsible for fostering and developing relationships with key strategic vendors, and oversee contract negotiation.

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