The crowds look for him a thousand Baidu SISEN is in the dim light

SISEN has a reputation for more than 10 years, and professionally solves 100,000 customer measurement solutions | [Online consultation] 2015-07-06 Welcome to reprint

With its professional product technology and complete after-sales service, SISEN heat-conducting oil furnace heat metering system stands out from many manufacturers and has been recognized by Guangxi Qise Pearlescent Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Qise Pearlescent Materials Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise listed in the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System, and is also a world-class new material enterprise with leading scale and ecological environment in Asia.

  Seven Color Pearl has the world’s most complete pearlescent material industry chain and production process system, and has the world’s leading synthetic mica invention patent technology, and with its unique synthetic mica invention patent technology, it has built the world’s largest synthetic mica factory.

  During the equipment maintenance process of Qise Zhuguang Company, due to the calculation of the company’s internal energy loss and cost accounting, the measurement of heat transfer oil became a problem in Pan Gong’s heart. I have looked for many manufacturers, but no one can really solve the problem of heat metering in the thermal oil furnace.

  Adhering to the spirit of “finding Baidu in difficulty”, Mr. Pan put his last pin on Baidu. In this way, SISEN and Seven-color Pearlescent became attached. After seeing a complete solution for the heat metering system of the thermal oil furnace on the Xisen official website, Mr. Pan immediately consulted us.

  In the communication process, we used the most professional knowledge to solve all doubts for Mr. Pan. However, since the personnel of Qise Pearl Light have never touched the heat metering system of the thermal oil furnace, and the project is about to start under time, I hope that Xisen will send technical engineers to the site for installation instructions. After coordination between the sales department, production technology department, after-sales service department and other departments of Xisen, Xisen dispatched technical engineer Ou Gong to the site to assist in the installation. After working overtime for three days and two nights, all the products of the heat metering system of the thermal oil furnace have been installed on time. All the staff on the scene of Seven-color Pearl lighted a long sigh of relief. Ougong represented all the employees of Xisen at the scene and witnessed the start of the seven-color pearl light project.

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