The Battle for Hill 218 to Hit the App Store on Wednesday, March 20th

[] Bristol, United Kingdom – Large Visible Machine announces the upcoming release of The Battle for Hill 218 for iOS. Hill 218 looks just like any other hill on your map, but High Command says it’s important and it’s your job to take it. Unfortunately the enemy has the same plan.

The Battle for Hill 218 is an abstract strategy card game for two players where you represent a military commander struggling for control of Hill 218 as part of a larger military struggle. Players must maintain supply lines and destroy enemy units to advance on the enemy home base, while ensuring that their own base is not taken. It’s easy to learn and quick to play but has a depth of strategy usually found only in games that takes much longer to play.

* Deploy different army units such as Infantry, Tanks and Special Forces
* Play vs. the computer with two difficulty levels
* Online play through Game Center or play a local friend over wi-fi
* Game Center Achievements and Online Leaderboards

Based on the popular card game with the same name, The Battle for Hill 218 has been described as the perfect strategy card game and is now finally available for the iPad.

“… only Ascension has ever felt better over such short play sessions.” – Pocket Tactics

The game will be available on the App Store on Wednesday, March the 20th. Please get in touch to review a promo codes to be used for reviewing purposes.Large Visible Machine
The Battle for Hill 218
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