Tempi – a New Wearable Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Device

[prMac.com] Irvine, California – Today, there are many wireless thermometers available on the market, but almost none of them monitor temperature and humidity the smart way. That’s why the team at Vencipio, LLC developed Tempi. Tempi is a small device that measures temperature and humidity using the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and temperature sensing technologies. Tempi connects to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets and works with a free Android or iOS app. Tempi can be placed in its base within your home or office or can be clipped to your clothing, belt, bag or shoe while you’re on the go.

Tempi has many uses ranging from tracking surrounding temperature and humidity to monitoring the environment in your home, wine cellar, exotic pet cage, cigar box or musical instruments. Another excellent use of Tempi is monitoring temperature and humidity of a baby or an elder’s room. Tempi keeps track of changes and sends alerts right to your phone or tablet.

Health conscious consumers find Tempi useful for tracking humidity levels. Humidity is linked to respiratory tract issues, seasonal colds and allergies. Monitoring and reacting to temperature and humidity changes can lead to better health.

The power of Tempi’s design is that it’s simple; it runs on a standard coin battery with no buttons or connectors. You simply pair Tempi to the free app and you’re good to go. Tempi’s features include:

* Measure temperature and humidity with high/low notifications
* Displays temperature values in F and C
* Store temperature and humidity for up to a month on the device itself
* Tracking real time temperature changes on the app’s multi location map
* Monitor up to 9 locations from one device
* Low battery indicator
* Uses a standard Coin Battery which can be replaced and has a life of at least 9 months

“The demand for and interest in Tempi confirms the market’s need for such modern devices” said Mr. Arif Quronfleh, Vencipio’s Founder and inventor of Tempi. Mr. Quronfleh continues, “Our team is passionate about creating products that are small, simple to use and improve people’s lives. Tempi’s creation will pave the way for additional product development in other industries such as food & beverage and medical devices”.
Tempi is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $35 (30% off Retail). Backers can expect their Tempi in January of 2016 just in time for the coldest month of the year. General public will be able to purchase Tempi online and in stores in the second quarter of 2016.Tempi
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Vencipio LLC, is a medical device and consumer electronics design firm and will be launching Tempi in January 2016. Pre-orders are already being accepted on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and soon on their website. Vencipio, LLC provides product design, development and manufacturing outsourcing services focusing on medical devices and consumer products. Vencipio clients range from Fortune 100 Companies to startups and individual inventors. Vencipio strives to provide clients with quality design services while reducing development costs. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 Vencipio LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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