Telugu Origin Teenager girl Saisha Karri, is Miss Teen Asia World

A Dallas based, Telugu
second generation teenager Saisha Karri was declared as winner of Miss Teen
Asia World 2019 – 2021  in the beauty pageant named MISS TEEN AND MISS

Miss Teen and Miss
Asia World Competition is a cultural and scholarship event to recognize new,
upcoming Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI or Asian American) women and
to honor the current successful

and philanthropist
Asian American women leaders. Its mission as they state is to “Educate and
Empower Asian American Women!”

Miss Teen and Miss
Asia World Competition, a cultural and scholarship charitable event, is a
platform to increase broad public awareness and for showcasing the diversity,
strengths and vibrant Asian American culture – featuring contestants from the
Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, but not limited
to, China, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia,
Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar
and other Asian ethnic groups – and to honor the current successful and
philanthropist Asian American women leaders. Asian Americans are diverse in
their customs, history, language, dress and traditions.

The vision and goal of
the Miss Teen and Miss Asia World Competition is to nurture, promote, and
advance young Asian American women as they pursue their education and careers,
preserve their culture, to embrace their imagination, curiosity, and creativity,
representing the next generation of strong female scientists, doctors, lawyers,
leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, in their respective chosen field.

The event was held at
Plano even Center, Dallas Texas. The event draws contestants from Asian community,
from across USA.

Saisha Karri, the
winner of Miss Teen Asia World 2019 – 2021, was born in USA in a Telugu family.
Her parents from Hyderabad  Shashi Karri and Nag Karri both are IT

Saisha keeps in touch
with indian culture by participating and volunteering in celebrations of Indian
festivals by community organizations.

She has also been
learning classical indian dance,  Kathak for past 11 years, and is going
to perform in her arangatram  in November 2019.

She is also actively engaged
in charity activities. She has established Charitable Students of America, a
volunteer organization in her own school. Through this organization, she
promotes volunteerism within her community.

On her weekends,
Saisha volunteers with Annadhata Charity and helps provide Nepali and Bhutanese
refugees with food and other amenities. She travels to Fort Worth and
volunteers in distributing food, clothing and other essential to the refugees.

From a young age
Saisha has always shown a passion for entrepreneurship and business.

All these attributes
has put her ahead of all the teen asian contestant for the pageant and won her
the crown.

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