Teacher Creates Gripper Stylus Pencils for iPads

[prMac.com] Washington, District Of Columbia – Questions are rising as to whether or not children using their pointer finger on iPads is creating bad habits, especially in the handwriting department! Yes an app may be teaching the writing strokes needed for print or cursive letter formation, but is the concept completely being grasped if the environment is missing a key component; the pencil and possibly the needed gripper?

Kindergarten teacher Angie Cross needed to rule out the possibility that her students may be learning bad habits and partnered with a local small educational app development firm SmartyShortz and made sure her students were getting the most from iPads by creating a stylus pencil modeled after a #2 pencil with the highest rated standard grippers for both toddlers (triangle grippers) and Kindergarten+ (mini and gel grippers)!

The stylus pencils work flawlessly with all apps and make it easier for children to trace letters, drag & drop or practice free hand within lines. “It’s amazing to use and once you do, even as an adult you won’t want to go back to using just your pointer finger!” Jill Etesse remarked, “Note taking is easier, typing has fewer mistakes and drawing has never been more fun!”

“We have seen an amazing response from educators and students. The classes love using them from Pre K up to our 2nd graders learning cursive!” Angie Cross commented. Angie Cross has studied education abroad as well as having received her B.S. and her MaEd. from Virginia Tech and has been a lead teacher since 2002. Mrs. Cross will be presenting at the NAEYC next month on technology in education.

The Smarty Stylus Pencils are sold as classroom sets and individually for parents. The Kindergarten+ SmartyShortz Stylus set includes:
* 12 stylus pencils (working on both iPads and iPhones/iPods- ALL APPS)
* 1 teacher stylus pen
* 12 mini grippers
* 12 gel grippers

The Toddler set includes:
* 12 stylus pencils
* 1 teacher stylus pen
* 12 triangle grippers
* There are Smarty handwriting app cards and a holding gripper instruction card included in all sets as well.

Orders for your classroom kits or individual stylus pencils can be taken at website.SmartyShortz
Kindergarten+ SmartyShortz Stylus set
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

SmartyShortz LLC is creating products that are of the highest educational quality without the hefty price tag. SmartyShortz Shop develops apps under the SmartyShortz umbrella as well as apps for clients including various speech therapy and health related apps. Smarty’s shop packs punches with a team full of passionate educators, talented developers, game designers and creative artists but the company claims to take constant inspiration and user interface cues from their own students and children who serve as beta testers to their developers. Copyright (C) 2012 SmartyShortz LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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