Tarot Readings – Four new apps for fortune tellings and cards divination

[prMac.com] Astrakhan, Russian Federation – Astraport Inc. has announced four new and unique mobile applications for all learners and professional readers by divination cards – Tarot Readings, Lenormand Readings, Playing Cards fortune tellings, Oracles and Runes divinations. This is the best fortune-telling apps based on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Free for phone and tablets.

The unbeaten functionality of these apps makes them the world’s best fortune-telling tool ever created, while their revolutionary upgrades take cards readings to a whole new level. Whether you are a Tarot expert or an amateur, these apps will help you predict your future, get to know yourself and the people around you better, find out answers to your questions, plan your life and avoid possible problems and danger. They are always with you, no Internet connection is required. Unique capabilities that you won’t find in any other app or even Tarot books:

* The Subconscious Mind card selection mode. It’s more than just random card selection. Now you direct your energy and extrasensory abilities chosen by the cards.

* Card pair meanings. Over 2,000 meanings.

* Meanings depending on the sphere. Love, work/career, health, advice. For upright and reversed cards!

* The Constructor to design your own spreads. Create your own spreads and tell fortunes. Change the background, delete cards, use significators, add text – your capabilities are unlimited.

* Fortune-telling Diary. You can save all your predictions to view them later to compare with reality, while all the cards will still keep their meanings!
Spread analysis. Each fortune-telling session is followed by a detailed statistical analysis and general interpretation based on the cards.

* Fortune-telling Calendar. The embedded lunar calendar will indicate how accurate the predictions are at each specific day.

* The card of the day. What will happen to you tomorrow? Count on your good luck.

* Over 120 spreads. 7 spread categories with previews and descriptions. A spread gets available for fortune-telling with just one touch.

* Three card spreading modes.

* Deck division. Tell fortunes using only the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana.

* Music and sounds. Naturally, they can be disabled in the settings.

* 6-7 card decks. Classic and traditional Tarot card decks.Posting a picture of your spread in your social network accounts and forwarding it to your email.

* Selecting a Significator. Press on “S” and get four options of selecting a Significator: Randomly, from a list, based on the querent’s date of birth (the one whose fortunes are told), based on the querent’s looks. After the Significator is selected, you can pull it to any empty area so it doesn’t distract you from the spread and the rest of the cards.

* An extra cards. Press on the button ” ” at the end of your fortune-telling session, if the question you asked hasn’t been answered or needs clarification or an additional question has been asked, and now you can pull several more cards (up to three) and get additional interpretations. The interpretation of the spread is recalculated based on these extra cards. Extra cards can be pulled aside so they don’t distract you from the rest of the cards.

* Complete with a tutorial mode and video instructions.

* An individual cards reading and answer to your most burning question from an expert (paid service).Fortune Telling Apps
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Based in in Astrakhan, Russia, Astraport is a mobile software development company founded in 2009. The team consists of three developers, programmer, system administrator and designer. The company has released several apps for the mobile platform on psychology, self-knowledge and esoterica subjects. All applications are available for iOS and Android devices. Copyright (C) 2015 Astraport Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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