Tarot of Love for iOS – Tarot Card Predictions with Focus on Love Life

[prMac.com] Ankara, Turkey – Sui today is pleased to announce Tarot of Love 1.2 for iOS, an update to its entertainment app that offers authentic Tarot Card predictions about the user’s love life based on real Tarot knowledge. Focusing mostly on love, Tarot of Love allows users to choose between Daily Tarot and Love Tarot predictions, giving users accurate predictions. Beautiful backgrounds and detailed Tarot cards bring a sense of reality to each fortune. The user-friendly design provides step-by-step instructions in three different languages, and allows users to shuffle and cut the deck, as well as select cards by hand.

Tarot of Love provides detailed instructions on each page of the app. Users begin by choosing between Daily Tarot and Love Tarot predictions. The Daily Tarot prediction involves choosing only one card, and includes details separate from romance, such as employment and social activities that are expected to occur during the day. The Love Tarot prediction involves choosing four separate cards, which all include details related to future romantic relationships. Based on real Tarot knowledge, each Tarot card is beautifully crafted and displays a detailed paragraph, making users feel as if they are truly having their fortunes told.

With the touch of a finger, users can shuffle and cut the deck, giving Tarot of Love a sense of realism. Users can even cut the deck through their own choice and choose their own cards by hand, with full control over the Tarot session.. The first card in the Love Tarot prediction provides details about users’ current romantic situation. The second card details the attributes of users’ current or future partners, allowing users to find that special someone more easily. The third card discusses the status of users’ current or future romantic relationship, and the final card gives users the future of the romantic affair. Users can view each card individually as well as scroll through them together, allowing them to interpret their futures using all four cards.

Feature Highlights:
* Predict current and future romantic relationships with the people involved using Tarot cards based on real Tarot knowledge
* Step-by-step instructions and user-friendly design, making the app easy to navigate
* Cut, shuffle, and choose detailed Tarot cards by hand
* Beautiful backgrounds, colorful Tarot card graphics and realistic animations, such as moving decks, bring a sense of reality to the app
* Available in three different languages, including English, Turkish, and Spanish

Additional features make Tarot of Love easy to use and enjoyable. A user-friendly design provides simple instructions for each page of the app, ensuring users will not be confused. Tarot of Love is available in three different languages, including English, Turkish, and Spanish. Romantic backgrounds, including soft pink coloring and heart graphics, provide an atmosphere of reality with each prediction. Moving decks and shuffling cards make users feel as if they are truly having their fortune told.

“Tarot of Love brings the fun and detail of real Tarot card reading to your fingertips,” stated spokesman Greg Larson. “Based on real Tarot knowledge, this easy-to-use app will tell you your romantic situation and future through detailed, colorful Tarot cards, amidst beautiful soft graphics.”

Language Support:
* English, Turkish, and Spanish

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 48.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Tarot of Love 1.2 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Review copies are available on request.Sui Information Technologies
Tarot of Love 1.2
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Based in Ankara, Turkey, Sui Information Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2007 by M. Tureli. Copyright (C) 2012 Sui Information Technologies Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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