TappyTaps Launches Barkio 1.0 – Help Pet Owners to Monitor Their Dogs

[prMac.com] Horice, Czech Republic – TappyTaps today released Barkio 1.0, a multiplatform dog monitoring app for phones, tablets, and computers. Barkio allows anyone to watch, listen and interact with their dog remotely, without the need for special hardware. Barkio was developed with one simple goal – to help pet owners to keep an eye on their dogs when they’re alone. The app was especially prepared with a focus to solve dog’s separation anxiety. With live audio and video, dog owners can see and hear everything that their pets are doing, and interact with them remotely. Barkio turns any two phones, tablets, or laptops into a smart dog monitor and proves to be a helpful tool when dealing with dog separation anxiety.

* HD video monitoring – With live video feed, pet owners can check what their dogs are up to. The video transmission works on any network, including WiFi and cellular data.

* Sound monitoring – Barkio is triggered every time a noise is captured. The app offers five different levels of microphone sensitivity to make sure the pet owner never misses a single bark.

* Remote interaction – Thanks to Barkio, the pet owners have a chance to communicate with their dogs remotely. They can talk to the dog directly through the microphone feature or by pre-recording short voice messages and playing them to the dog when needed. Talking to the dog helps to calm it down when the dog is nervous, anxious, or disobeying.

* Custom commands – Record custom voice messages such as Stop, Sit, or Stay and send them to your dog remotely whenever you need. Commands come in handy when the pet owner needs to calm the dog, but can’t talk at the moment.

* Two-way video – When talking to the dog, pet parents may use the “Face” feature to stream a video of themselves to the dog. Some dogs proved to react better when hearing and seeing their owners at the same time.

* Unlimited distance – Thanks to WiFi and cellular data, the pet parents can stay close to their dogs anywhere they are. When at work, visiting friends or traveling, your dog is always one tap away.

* Multiplatform app – Barkio is available for multiplatform usage among iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Covering all these platforms, we hope to offer unlimited monitoring options to pet parents all around the world.

* All family members can join monitoring – Barkio is tied to a Family Account, which means multiple family members can use Barkio and join the monitoring of their dogs.

* Activity log – Pet owners will never miss a single bark with a timestamp from all monitorings. Activity log records all noises so the pet owner can check at any time to find out what’s been going on. The activity log helps to understand dog behavior patterns and discover any problems.

* Smart notifications – Barkio keeps the customers notified in every situation. The app will send notifications when the dog is noisy or resting, with recorded noise for the pet owner to listen to.

* Power saving background mode – When using the app on the background, Barkio switches to a power-saving mode which informs the pet owners about their dogs through notifications. The audio and video are not transmitted, which saves the battery and lets the pet owners enjoy other apps.

* A helpful tool for separation anxiety – Separation anxiety affects dogs of all breeds and ages. Barkio helps to detect separation anxiety as it allows the pet owners to see how the dog behaves when it’s alone. Barkio also helps with solitude training to help the dog feel comfortable when being alone.

Pricing and Availability:
iOS and Android versions are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and Google Play. Mac, Windows and Linux versions are available to download directly from Barkio online. Barkio costs $19.99 (USD) / year or $2.99 / month for up to 10 devices.Barkio 1.0
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