Tap Three Kingdoms New Server Terrain Opening Announcement

[prMac.com] Shanghai, China – Muhe Network is excited to announce the opening of the new server Terrain of the famous MMO Tap Three Kingdoms on 9 Janary 2013. All players have a chance to enjoy the events which will take place from 9 to 23 January 2013. So hurry up and claim the your rewards! Muhe Network would like to thank all players for their long time support.

Item 1: New Player Package
Event period: 2013-1-9 to 2013-1-23
Package content: Food 15% / Iron 15% / Wood 15% / Production Boost II
The package can only be collected during the event period.

Item 2: Gift for Gold Purchase
Event period: 2013-1-9 to 2013-1-17
Players purchasing Gold via the proper channels for the first time will receive 20% extra Gold in return.

Item 3: The Rookie King
Event period: 2013-1-9 to 2013-1-23
During the event period, the top 5 Kings will receive a reward for their diligence.
1st: 2000 Gold
2nd: 1000 Gold
3rd: 500 Gold
4th – 5th: 300 Gold
6th – 10th: 100 Gold

Item 4: Coins for Gold
Event Terms: 2013-1-18 to 2013-1-23
When you purchase an accumulated amount of 2000 gold, you will receive 200,000 coins in return. There are no limits to the coin amount.

Tap Three Kingdoms is an online simulation game that uses Three Kingdoms era of ancient China as the background. The game includes live chats, Hero training and a substantial war system. Its intense plot, diverse gameplay and amazing graphics make it a unique experience for players of all ages. The dream of building your own troops to conquer other kingdoms and rule with the most gorgeous girl by your side is about to come true! You can become the king who rises above all.Tap Three Kingdoms 1.0
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