Tank Invaders coming to iOS August 28th

[prMac.com] Bauru, Brazil – Red Alert! The radar has picked up movement on the road: Terror’s forces are attacking! General Rogers has summoned you, soldier, to take the seat at the Armored Defense Systems of the base and fight off the invading enemies with the help of missiles, machine guns, nukes and EMP bombs. You need to use those wisely and blow the enemy forces to smithereens before they even think about setting foot on the base!

If this sounds a lot like 80’s action movie that is because the game theme draws a lot from those classics of old, when movies only needed explosions, guns, sweat and muscles to be considered good. Games of the 80’s have a deep influence in Tank Invaders’s design, too: the game plays like Missile Command (Atari/Arcade, 1980) but from a first person perspective, making it a FPS/SHMUP hybrid. Space Invaders (Atari/Arcade, 1978) also left its mark and it clearly shows once the enemies start to take over the entire screen and you feel the pressure and hurry of your impending doom!

“The game does remind me of the 80’s styled arcade games you would find at the local convenience stores,” said George Ponder from WPCentral. “If you like arcade styled games or simply looking for a fun game to pass the time with, there really isn’t a reason not to try Tank Invaders. It’s a fine addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.”

Rich Edmonds, also from WPCentral, said, “If you’re after some ridiculous warfare, Tank Invaders will not disappoint. The gameplay is also taken to the next level with power-ups, waves of foes to eliminate, powerful bosses and more.”

* Classic arcade gameplay
* Wonderful 3D graphics
* Character voice-over
* Over 10 different enemy units and 3 boss units
* Over 5 different weapons, including power-ups and special bombs

Tank Invaders Awards:
* “Best Mobile Game” – SBGames, So Paulo, October 18th 2013
* “Visual Achievement, Mobile” – SBGames, So Paulo, October 18th 2013
* “Game Design, Mobile” – SBGames, So Paulo, October 18th 2013Mgaia Studio
Tank Invaders
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