Tahmo Launches Tempi a Smart Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Monitor

[prMac.com] Irvine, California – Tahmo Inc., a startup design and manufacturing company of smart devices in the health and comfort segments of the IoT market, announced today the commercial release of its first product: Tempi. Tempi is an affordable, easy-to-use, smart device that monitors temperature and humidity in the immediate surroundings. Tempi easily connects to the free App which is designed with many features such as setting alerts, tracking and plotting data, to name a few.

In addition, Tempi is a wearable smart sensor and the only such device that plots temperature and humidity data on a map for people who are into hiking, biking or any outdoor activities. Tempi is the first product in a line of new smart devices designed by Tahmo combining innovative features and comprehensive capabilities that will delight consumers and disrupt competition. Tahmo will be releasing additional smart devices in 2018 to simplify the connected lifestyle of people everywhere.

“We are delighted to launch Tempi as the first of many smart devices that Tahmo will bring to market,” said Arif Quronfleh, Founder and CEO of Tahmo. “Consumers are always looking for smart, connected devices to enhance their lives and we’ve responded by introducing Tempi. We are also planning to release additional products in 2018 that leverage Tempi’s capabilities and expand its powerful platform.”

How Tempi Works:
With Tempi consumers can easily monitor, track and chart ambient temperature and humidity anywhere they like. Tempi easily connects to smartphones (and other smart devices) via Bluetooth Smart (also known as BLE) using the free App. You can place Tempi in the included base or you can clip it while on the go. The App can monitor an unlimited number of registered Tempi units and 8 different devices simultaneously.

Tempi is designed for a wide range of uses. Its temperature range is -20 F to 100 F (-30 degrees C to 65 degrees C) and Relative Humidity range of 0-100%. Tempi can record measurements at various intervals ranging from 30 seconds to one hour. Data is continuously transmitted to the connected device depending on the measurement frequency set by the user. Tempi will store data for up to a month even when a device is not connected and can be downloaded once reconnected. In-app notifications from Tempi alert users when temperature and/or humidity readings are outside the preset limits.

Some of Tempi’s features are:
* Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology
* Monitor temperature & humidity with high/low alert notifications
* Display temperature values in F and C and set alerts (great for instant conversion)
* Store temperature & humidity values for up to a month on the device itself
* Track temperature and humidity on a map while hiking, biking or during other outdoor activities
* Monitor up to 8 locations simultaneously
* Low battery indicator
* Includes a replaceable Coin Battery that has a long life span

Tempi’s Uses and Your Health:
Tempi gives you the freedom to monitor and track temperature and humidity in the immediate surroundings. Tempi can be placed anywhere you want such as a child’s (or elderly) bedroom, garden, by a pet, refrigerator, musical instruments, cigar humidifiers, wine collection, animal incubators, special plants and much more. As a wearable device, users can clip Tempi to clothes, belt or shoes and monitor temperature and humidity on a map while hiking, running, biking etc.

Tempi is also ideal for people concerned about personal (or someone else’s) health and comfort. Tempi’s ability to track temperature and particularly humidity levels is very useful for conditions such as asthma, respiratory tract issues, seasonal colds, viruses, mold and general health.

Tempi’s Availability:
Tempi is available for sale through its website at a great introductory offer of 25% discount off of its retail price of just $59 (USD). Tempi will also be available on Amazon, BestBuy, Target and other retailers throughout the world.Tempi
Download Tempi app from iTunes
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Tahmo produces smart devices focused on health and comfort segments of the IoT industry. We do this using collaborative effort of creativity fueled by a community of talented engineers and designers. We use the word “smart” because our passion is to take existing archaic products and turn them into intelligent, modern and easy to use tools for consumers. Our products include devices to monitor temperature & humidity and a smart wearable baby thermometer to name a few. All of our products sync with a free mobile app that enhances the user’s experience and provides the ability to use the Cloud to remotely track and store data, get alerts and share results with healthcare professionals. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Tahmo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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