SynchroLife App Company Earns Investment from Major Restaurant Brand

[] Tokyo, Japan – GINKAN has announced they have received funding in the form of a third-party allotment of shares from DD Holdings Open Innovation Fund, managed by DD Holdings Venture Capital and restaurant and amusement brand DD Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO: 3073) which is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and manages over 488 restaurants and major brands such as diamond dining and BAGUS.

GINKAN has already begun testing marketing promotions for SLD Entertainment Inc. owned restaurants within the SynchroLife mobile app and DD Holdings Co., Ltd. is considering when to enroll their portfolio of over 479 domestic restaurants into SynchroLife’s participating restaurant service. GINKAN and DD Holdings Co., Ltd. are also considering the following initiatives through collaboration between the DD Holdings Open Innovation Fund and SynchroLife:

* Research on new restaurant marketing methods
* Research on reward programs using blockchain technology
* The creation of a new point and CRM marketing model for restaurants with numerous locations

SynchroLife offers a risk-free service for restaurants to attract new customers based on a results-based compensation model with no upfront advertisement payments. SynchroLife’s restaurant service can be used on any major smartphone or tablet device, so there is no need to purchase any new hardware. With no registration and monthly fees, the service is free for restaurants to join. The only payments required for SynchroLife’s participating restaurant service are a 5% results-based compensation fee.

Restaurants can advertise and list on SynchroLife just by paying 5% of the total bill of users they get from SynchroLife. Furthermore, SynchroLife allows restaurants to use automated CRM (customer relationship management) tools to reach out to users who have dined at their restaurant before.

SynchroLife allows diners to earn 1%~5% (set individually by restaurants, with the maximum campaign rewards being 20%) of their dining bill cashback in SynchroCoin (SYC) cryptocurrency just by dining at participating restaurants. By scanning a QR code at the restaurant during payment, users automatically receive an amount of SynchroCoin directly in their SynchroLife in-app wallet as cashback.

With this capital and business alliance with DD Holdings Co., Ltd.’s group company SLD Entertainment Inc. and the third-party allotment of shares investment from DD Holdings Open Innovation Fund, GINKAN plans to incorporate new partner restaurants into SynchroLife, and get real feedback from restaurants while improving features and developing new services.

SynchroLife’s service allows restaurants to attract customers with minimal financial and time burden. SynchroLife aims to disrupt the traditional advertising model prevalent in the restaurant industry today and build a service that can coexist and grow alongside restaurants. SynchroLife hopes to work with restaurants to offer users new and fun food experiences.

Original comment from SLD Entertainment Inc.’s President and CEO Naoki Ban:
“SLD Entertainment Inc. is a company that provides ‘cultural content’– through the management and planning of a wide variety of creative spaces and events, restaurant services such as kawara CAFE&DINING, and tie-ups with intellectual properties such as the Pokemon Cafe, and more.”

“In recent years, consumers have begun to spend less on ‘products’ and more on ‘experiences’ that match their hobbies and preferences. Current gourmet media covering restaurants should also recognize this consumer behavior trend since we believe it is an important marketing point; which gradually increases the need for a new kind of media that is built from the consumer’s perspective.”

“Through our investment in GINKAN, we hope to help create a new kind of online gourmet media that combines media, artificial intelligence, and token incentives. I also hope we can work together with GINKAN to solve some of the issues which physical retail stores and restaurants face today.”

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is the world’s first social restaurant discovery service that utilizes blockchain technology to reward quality reviewers with cryptocurrency rewards. SynchroLife also includes artificial intelligence features that help guide users to the best restaurants quickly, solving the problem of time-consuming restaurant search.

The SynchroLife mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices in four languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) and over 155 countries. SynchroLife has over 190,000 reviews at 100,000 different restaurants. SynchroLife began as a social media service for restaurant reviews, and added “SynchroCoin” cryptocurrency rewards for trustworthy user reviews in August 2018.

Starting July 1, 2019, SynchroLife users can now also earn on average 1%~5% (set individually by restaurants, with the maximum campaign rewards being 20%) of their dining bill cashback in SynchroCoin cryptocurrency just by dining at participating restaurants. By reading a QR code at the restaurant during payment, users will receive an amount of SynchroCoin directly in their SynchroLife in-app wallet based on the current rate of SynchroCoin. SynchroLife is designed to benefit both diners and restaurants while helping to solve restaurant marketing problems. SynchroLife is also expanding its business into the fintech space by aiming to build a global token economy connected to the average consumer’s daily life through food and dining out.

Recent SynchroLife Achievements

SynchroLife won the first prize Grand Prix at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s MUFG Digital Accelerator’s Batch 4 demo day on July 26, 2019. SynchroLife also won the Fintech Category at the Plug and Play Japan Batch 1 EXPO in September 2018.SynchroLife Website
SynchroLife iOS App
SynchroLife Android App
DD Holdings Website
DD Holdings Venture Capital Website
SLD Entertainment Website

Ginkan is a Japan-based startup company building a new economy with blockchain technology and tokens. As centralized services around the world move towards a decentralized future, we believe a new token economy can be created with a decentralized platform which rewards hidden value with cryptocurrency token rewards. During this transitional period of blockchain innovation, we hope to serve as a bridge between new technology and the average consumer. Our mission is to build a global token economy with no national boundaries that will bring excitement and happiness to people around the world. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2019 Ginkan. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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