Switchback Media Takes A Risky Approach To Marketing New Christmas App

[prMac.com] Denver, Colorado – With the Holiday Season fast approaching, many app development companies are scrambling to put out a Christmas-themed app or game in time for the holiday buzz. Switchback Media LLC, a Denver-based app development company, is no different, announcing the release of its latest app, Gift It, only days before Thanksgiving.

However, realizing that thousands of companies around the world have the same idea as Switchback Media, the company’s marketing team decided to take a different approach to marketing their new app by releasing a short, off-the-wall commercial to peak interest in their new app through humor and entertainment, a unique approach in this industry.

“We weren’t so much concerned with directly marketing our app as we were with providing viewers with a hilarious video that they could enjoy and share with friends,” said Chief Creative Officer Mark Imperial.

It just so happens that the cousin of one co-founder is a promising young comedian, screenwriter, and filmmaker. So within three weeks of pitching the idea to him, Switchback had in their hands a hilarious Christmas video that they’re now sharing on YouTube and other online video sites.

The video is short but funny. The basic premise is: A mother and son exchanging gifts at Christmas. Only when the mother opens her gift, she is in for a huge – and hilarious – surprise.

“Too many app companies release these boring videos that nobody’s interested in, especially when they aren’t games,” Switchback’s CEO said. “We wanted to give viewers another reason to really enjoy and share this with friends and family as an added supplement to ease the Holiday stress.”

At only about 30 seconds long, this little commercial is straight to the point and hilarious, leaving viewers wanting more. So add some humor to your Holiday shopping season by checking out this funny video warning against unorganized shopping lists!Christmas Shopping List App – Worst Son Ever!

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