SwampDog, LLC announces WhoDo 1.0 – a contact creation tool for iOS

[prMac.com] Bend, Oregon – SwampDog, LLC is delighted to announce WhoDo, a contact creation tool available now for iOS. WhoDo for iOS supports speech as a data source, allowing the customer to simply speak a new contact’s data. WhoDo for iOS also enables customers to create new Contacts without even launching the WhoDo app. WhoDo for iOS uses several internal databases, Apple Foundation level frameworks, natural language processing, and data detectors to deliver its unique solution for Apple mobile devices.

WhoDo for iOS allows the customer to make a text selection inside any app then use the system-wide ‘Share’ action to create a contact. No need to launch or close the WhoDo app.

WhoDo provides several options which make it more powerful and flexible than a standard data detector. WhoDo provides assignment to a group, a default area code when none has been supplied, optional nickname assignment, optional name prefix, optional text to be included in the Note field and optional date and time embedded in the Note field.

WhoDo recognizes personal and company names, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, websites, instant message handles, and social media profiles.

iOS Minimum Requirements:
* iOS Version 11.0 or later
* 7.3 MB Hard Drive space
* Internet Connection (required only for App Store)

Pricing and Availability:
* WhoDo 1.0 is available exclusively on Apple’s App Store
* WhoDo 1.0 is available as an auto-renewable subscription for only 99¢ (USD) per year. A free 3 day trial is included.
* WhoDo 1.0 is also available as permanent license for a one time cost of $4.99 (USD).
* SwampDog is also releasing WhoDo for macOS.Swamp Dog
WhoDo for iOS 1.0.3
Download from the App Store
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Headquartered in outdoor-loving Bend, Oregon, Swamp Dog, LLC is an Oregon LLC founded in 2018. The staff of Swamp Dog, LLC have been delivering solutions to companies like Apple, VISA, AMD, Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, and others for over 30 years. Today the company’s development efforts are focused exclusively on macOS and iOS. SwampDog, LLC delivers contact-friendly software that enlivens your people. Copyright 2019 Swamp Dog, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple and the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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