Supermechanical announces Range Dial – Bluetooth LE Cooking Thermometer

[] Austin, Texas – Supermechanical today announces Range Dial, its most advanced smart cooking thermometer yet. Range Dial is a highly accurate Bluetooth LE cooking thermometer for iPhone and iPad. It’s designed as a premium tool, made with thoughtful details and better materials to match fine kitchen appliances.

Range Dial has two versatile ports to plug in a variety of temperature probes for every task from smoking and roasting to homebrewing and cheesemaking. It works as a thermometer for third-party homebrewing and coffee roasting apps – iBrewMaster and Roastmaster, respectively. The free Range app has convenient features like remote temperature monitoring, predicted done time, graphing and logging temperature data, and presets for cooking a variety of gourmet foods. Yet the interaction has been carefully considered to eliminate direct use of the app as much as possible, in the spirit of iOS 9 and messy hands.

* App-free operation. We thought through the flow to eliminate interaction with a smartphone as much as possible while retaining the benefits. Turn the programmable knob to a preset, and you’ve set an alert. Then both Range Dial and your phone will beep when the temperature is hit, with cues for progress along the way. If you want a glance at more detail, you can view remote temperatures and predicted done time on your lock screen.

* Remote monitoring. As long as one device is within range via Bluetooth, all your other Internet-connected devices will see the temperature as well.

* Design. It’s made with machined stainless steel, silicone and laser-etched polycarbonate to fit in with your other kitchen utensils, not your gadgets.

* Engineering. On the inside, it uses better electronic components and custom circuit design to get faster and more accurate readings and better Bluetooth performance.

* Versatile. It has two ports for a variety of temperature probes and other forthcoming sensors, and technically minded cooks can create their own sensors and even replace the firmware.

App features:
* Set alerts for rising, falling, or temperature ranges one-handed
* F and C, USDA and gourmet presets
* Done-time prediction
* Graphing with PDF and CSV data export
* Customize presets on dial
* iOS 8 or newer

Hardware specifications:
* Reads temperatures from -40F to 450F (-40C to 230C)
* Accurate to 0.9F at 150F (0.5C at 65C)
* 2xAAA, 6 months battery life
* Two multipurpose sensor ports
* Bluetooth Low Energy (requires iPhone 4S, iPad 3, or newer)

Range Dial is on Kickstarter now starting at $64, with a preorder discount of up to 38%, and will be shipping in March.. The campaign has passed its goal and ends on November 12. Supermechanical has successfully crowdfunded and shipped two previous products – the first, wired Range smart thermometer and the Twine DIY home sensor, which was the third-highest Kickstarter ever at the time it was funded in 2012.Supermechanical
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