Sunside Announces Upcoming Release of New iOS Game: Abducted

[] Plano, Texas – Sunside Inc. announces the upcoming release of Abducted, its new science-fiction adventure game for iOS and Mac OS X. Combining action, mystery, and horror with a focus on pacing, cinematic storytelling and exploration, the player is forced to fight to survive in a mysterious alien world.

“At it’s core, Abducted really is about discovery,” commented Richard Cowgill, Co-founder of Sunside. “We’ve gone to great lengths to add depth to the world and the story, and this is all discoverable through adventure by the player. It’s incredibly beautiful running on Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms. We really believe it’s going to be one of the best games for iOS and Mac.”

Powered by the next iteration of Sunside’s in-house game platform, Radiance(TM), Abducted looks truly stunning. Abducted features advanced graphics and immersive gameplay with support for the latest features of iOS and OS X Mountain Lion including Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Abducted will be released in 6 episodes, with the first one due out this summer 2013, in the App Store in the Games category.Abducted
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Sunside Inc is a small indie developer established in 2011 with a vision to redefine mobile gaming through unique innovation in gameplay and technology. Radiance(TM) is Sunside’s cutting edge game development platform. Copyright (C) 2013 Sunside, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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