Studio23 Announces Online Classes for Aerial Silk & Handstand

Studio 23, the leading fitness and wellness center in Mumbai has recently introduced virtual sessions for Aerial Silk and Handstand training.

The bespoke studio is popular for offering an extensive range of fitness & wellness options like physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, high-intensity interval training and Zumba, among others.

Citing the global pandemic, the studio has been providing one on one online training classes for yoga, HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Circuit Training, Pilates and Zumba over the last few months. However, virtual classes for handstands and aerial silk are newly introduced, from the month of August.

“Our online classes for aerial silk and handstands are gaining a good response for the past one month. There has been seamless coordination between our fitness instructors and trainees. The classes are systematically organized, just as they used to be in our facility and the training is happening without a hitch. We are looking forward to achieving better results in the days to come,” said Mr. Arpreet Bajaj, the founder of Studio 23.

Studio 23’s handstand and aerial silk classes are two of the most sought-after fitness training programs. A newbie to aerial silk will learn foot locks, basic climbs, hip keys and low to ground sequences using aerial fabric. One also gets introduced to wraps and inversions with knots and sling work. Aerial Silk training for advanced students comprises learning of various sequences, beautiful transitions and gradual drops on the aerial fabric. Clients can book classes of 8 sessions or 24 sessions as per their preference.

The handstand classes of Studio 23 are dedicated to strengthening the upper body to the core by learning the fundamental principles. Beginners will learn how to handstand using the wall and subsequently do it independently.

The online fitness training sessions at Studio 23 are a boon for those who are staying at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. The classes are meticulously planned and conducted by the highly-qualified fitness instructors. Furthermore, with a personalised approach through one-on-one training sessions, Studio23 continues to make their virtual fitness classes fun, interactive and empowering.

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