Storage Made Easy Updates Its Multi-Cloud iOS, Android and Mac Apps

[] Casselberry, Florida – The Storage Made Easy File Manager application for iOS has been updated with a number of improvements that include support for streaming videos, as well as improvements to devices using iOS’s Accessibility tools. With video streaming support, users of the iOS application can now stream videos in real time that are stored on their on-cloud or on-premises storage platforms, without needing to download the entire video to their device. Users can also ‘scrub’ through videos, allowing them to quickly pan through the video to find their relevant portion.

The new iOS application also has received significant improvements around its integration with iOS’s Accessiblity toolsets, such as supporting Large Font modes.

The Enterprise File Fabric Android app has also received specific improvements to it’s hierarchical Notes application, allowing users to easily take, record, save and synchronize Notes that can be stored on any of the 60 storge solution supported.

The SME mobile Apps Features include, among others:

* Ultra Secure File Sharing for over 60 storage clouds, including Amazon S3 and S3 comptible storage, that includes the ability to set time expiry and passwords.
* Sync: Sync from any cloud directory to any device. Users can also map directories from multiple storage endpoints to be sychronized.
* Upload /Download files directly to/from iOS / Android devices devices
* Cloud View: View documents ‘on Cloud’ without needing to download
* Document Sharing: Open files downloaded to SME in other iOS / Android Apps and vice-versa
* Local file Security: Can be set to use Apple’s device encryption or Android device encryption to protect all files stored on device
* Create / Manage Collaboration Groups for sharing files in workspaces directly from a device

The macOS app suite has also received a raft of stability and user experience improvements, giving users the ultimate editing and browsing experience, whether that’s using the Enterprise File Fabric’s ‘Virtual’ OSX Drive in Finder, Cloud Files browser from the Mac menu bar, Desktop Syncronization, or editing directly from a browser through the File Fabric’s CloudEdit functionality (Open in a web browser and edit and save back to Cloud from the desktop application).

The SME macOS App suite consists of:

* Cloud Drive: Adds a mapped Cloud Drive that appears directly in Finder.
* Finder integration: Integrated ito Finder actions for sharing or locking a file.
* Desktop Sync: In addition to the drive nominate local or cloud folders for sync.
* Mail Integration Integrates directly into Mac Mail for secure file sharing.
* Search integration: Accessible directly from the toolbar.

These applications are now published and can be accessed from here:
* iOS
* Android
* macOS

For its direct enterprise customers which include Corporate, Service Provider, Government and Educational establishments, these applications can be tailored and branded to suit the needs of end users.Storage Made Easy
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Storage Made Easy macOS App
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Storage Made Easy is wholly owned by Vehera Ltd., a private London-based limited company. Storage Made Easy provides a cloud service data broker platform and related services either as SaaS or a hybrid on-premise solution. Storage Made Easy unites cloud and data services into a single environment, guaranteeing file access no matter the location or device while providing the highest levels of management, security, compliance, audit, and access services. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2019 Storage Made Easy. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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