StockXloader 4 gets a free update with new features for expanded use

[] Stockholm, Sweden – BragIt releases version 4.1 of StockXloader. It is a native Mac OS X application for fully automated downloading of stock market quotes and indexes from Yahoo! Finance to the technical analysis program ProTA or ProTA Gold from BeeSoft (, or to MS Excel or iWork Numbers, or you can drag & drop a text file for import into other applications. The free update to version 4.1 expands its use and simplifies current usage.

New in Version 4.1:
Two new choices of what to do with the downloaded and converted data:
* “Default Text App”, which will open the final resulting file in the application you have set as the default for text files
* “Show File in Finder”, which will select and show the final resulting text file. This will make it easy for you to drag & drop the file onto an application for import of its data

Date conversions: For import of data to other applications than ProTA, it will now convert all dates to the localized form according to your Language & Text settings. Earlier versions only converted the date and time stamps from Snapshots, whereas it used the ISO date format for Historical quotes. The new all-localized policy for all dates, will expand the number of applications that can successfully import data from StockXloader without problems.

A new button “Snapshots Only” in the Download Controller: It is a convenience button similar to the Download button, with the exception that it will skip download of historical quotes. This is useful in situations where you have done a first download of both historical and snapshot quotes, but then you want to quickly update your data during the day with the latest snapshot quotes.

Bug fix: The Oldest Snapshot, as shown in the Download Controller, displayed the oldest snapshot date of all symbols in the ticker list, whereas it should have looked at only the enabled symbols in the list. That issue is now fixed!

Features of StockXloader:
It collects historical quotes and “snapshot” quotes of the latest price values for today (delayed intraday values). This way you can build your own database of ticker symbols containing historical quotes for the open/high/low/close of each day, plus current-day snapshots. You can get data for any stock exchange in the world that Yahoo! Finance carries quotes for.

StockXloader 4 builds on years of experience with StockXloader 3, but is completely rewritten with new functionality. It has a very rich ticker list editor, with which you can create any number of lists containing ticker symbols. You set the category for each symbol, such as stocks, indexes, mutual funds, futures. For each ticker symbol you can also give its full security name, supply a comment, disable or enable this particular symbol in this particular list. It supports full multiple undo. All this information is imported into the program of your choice when you download & import, along with the actual quote data and its dates/times converted to your local settings and time zone.

StockXloader 4 keeps track of the last date you got quote values, and it does that individually for every ticker symbol, so the next time you download, it will fetch quotes starting after that date. So if a particular symbol lags, StockXloader will pick up where it was left last time. You can also see in your ticker list the last date, individually for each symbol. For snapshots, you can even see the last trading time for the given price data, displayed according to your local time zone and in your language’s format.

System Requirements:
Fully optimized for Retina Macs with high-resolution graphics and text. Compatible with Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion (10.7) and Snow Leopard (10.6).

A full and completely uncrippled version of StockXloader 4 can be tried out for evaluation up to 60 days!

Security: StockXloader 4 is signed with an Apple Developer ID certificate, so the Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion will check this cryptographic signature and find that this software comes from an identified developer, and has not been modified on the way to you.BragIt
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