Steam Patriots: Steampunk American Revolution Book App on Kickstarter

[] Minneapolis, Minnesota – Noble Beast is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the Steam Patriots series of interactive book apps. Steam Patriots will be a series of five fictional stories that merges steampunk with the story of the unfolding of the American Revolution.

Bringing the future of digital publishing to the present, the Steam Patriots book apps will include engaging features of animation, diagrams, interactive maps and audio, along with social features that allow readers to share comments within the story with other readers. The series will be published on multiple platforms including ebook, iPad app, printed book, audiobook, web app and Braille.

Steampunk is a speculative fiction genre of literature, art, and music based on the Victorian aesthetic and updated with steam-powered technology.

Imagine the War of American Independence fought by flying airships where soldiers exchange cannon fire far above the fray of steam-powered tanks, smoke-belching steamcycles and soldiers with semi-automatic muskets.

The Steam Patriots story follows Felix, a young man who crosses the thirteen colonies battling Red Coats while meeting some of the most important historical figures in US History. Felix becomes the prot�g� of Benjamin Franklin, a spy for George Washington, and a boon companion to the patriot-pirate John Paul Jones.

Everything the founding fathers experienced in the pursuit of Liberty presents itself to Felix in a very personal way. Felix suffers horribly at Valley Forge, fights valiantly at Yorktown, and witnesses the formation of a more perfect union.

“Steampunk set in the American Revolution has never been done before, but we’ve got a fantastic story, remarkable art, and the drive to see it through,” said Noble Beast producer-director, Richard Monson-Haefel.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that invites potential backers to donate real money to creative projects. Funding for projects is not provided unless 100% of funds are raised within the specified time period. The 30-day Steam Patriots Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of $100,000 and will run November 15 to December 15, 2012

Rewards for pledging to the Steam Patriots Kickstarter campaign include:
* Access to the Steam Patriots ebook for pledges starting at $3
* Limited edition signed art prints by artist Patrick Arrasmith
* Digital music download of Liberty or Death by Parisian steampunk band Life’s Decay
* Interactive Book App
* Noble Beast or Steam Patriots t-shirt
* Illustrated print edition of Steam Patriots

Artist: Patrick Arrasmith
Artist Patrick Arrasmith is creating beautiful scratchboard artwork for the series. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Arrasmith is an award-winning illustrator featured in editorials and book covers for The New York Times, Forbes, Random House, and Tor. Arrasmith prints of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and a “Steamcycle” will be available as Kickstarter Rewards.

Antoon Taghon of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio in New York City will produce the limited edition prints. Antoon Taghon is an expert printer, trained since the age of sixteen in his native Belgium. His artistic and technical skills in printing are unbeatable.

Music: Life’s Decay
Music for the interactive app will be provided by musical duo Life’s Decay from Paris, France. Life’s Decay creates a personal universe influenced by dark classical acoustic music, steampunk industrial, and experimental pop rock creating an intriguing soundtrack for the Steam Patriots story.

Museum of the American Revolution:
Noble Beast, LLC is working in conjunction with the Museum of the American Revolution to help fund the construction of the new museum in Philadelphia. Built into the Steam Patriots iPad application and web book will be a non-intrusive link that allows readers to donate to the $150M comprehensive campaign that is now underway to build the museum. The mission of the Museum of the American Revolution is to engage the public in the history and significance of the American Revolution.

Noble Beast Emporium:
The Steam Patriots project will include a catalogue of curated steampunk art, clothing, jewelry and other items called Noble Beast Emporium, Purveyors of Unique Curiosities. It will be accessible online and through the Steam Patriots book app. Allison Nowlin Ward, designer and previous owner of the vintage store Madame Fortuna in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is curating the collection.

App Features:
* Interactive story with audio, illustrations, and animations
* Pop-up diagrams of devices in the story
* Pop-up portrait and biographies of characters
* Interactive map of landmarks and character locations at any point in the story
* Noble Beast Emporium digital catalogue featuring music, clothing, jewelry and other curated items for sale
* Social capabilities that allow commenting within the app

Editions – A complete edition of every book in the series will be published on each of the following platforms:
* Color PDF
* eBook (includes Kindle Whispersync for Voice)
* Paperback
* Audiobook (includes Kindle Whispersync for Voice)
* Full-Color illustrated printed book
* Interactive, color-illustrated, iPad book app
* Interactive web book
* Braille

The Team:
* Publisher: Noble Beast, LLC
* Producer: Richard Monson-Haefel
* Authors: Scott Wakefield and Rory Boyle
* Artist: Patrick Arrasmith
* Fine Art Printer: Antoon Taghon of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio
* Music: Life’s Decay of Paris, France
* Noble Beast Emporium curator: Allison WardNoble Beast
Steam Patriots
Kickstarter Project
Screenshot (George Washington with Airships)
Screenshot (Benjamin Franklin with Lightning Gun)

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Richard Monson-Haefel is a 20-year veteran of information technology, design, and publishing who has been producing interactive books for the iPad since February 2010 – immediately after the iPad was first announced. He has developed three other iPad books including “Treasure Island” which was featured by the Apple App Store in 2010 Book app of the week for an unprecedented two weeks. Steampunk Holmes is the first project from Monson-Haefel’s independent company, Noble Beast, LLC. Copyright (C) 2012 Noble Beast, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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