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[] Dallas, Texas – StatGeek, LLC today is pleased to announce the release of Lineup and Lineup Plus for Mac. With Lineup and Lineup Plus, users can produce advanced basketball statistics along with statistics on 5-man groups, 2-man groups and 3-man groups in seconds.

Prior to Lineup and Lineup Plus, basketball coaches could only capture such data by watching a game film multiple times and using cumbersome spreadsheets. Also, you could only capture such data AFTER the game is already over. Further, that process often just focused on one team while StatGeek is able to produce data on both teams through just one process.

StatGeek has created a program that works simply by using data captured from the game play-by-play, an output produced by every statistics application including StatGeek’s own Ipad app. Lineup produces advanced statistics such as effective field goal percentage, true shooting percentage and efficiency along with five-man lineup data so a coach can find their most effective lineup. Lineup Plus produces everything above along with data on two and three man groups so a coach can identify the pairs and trios that are working best together no matter which five-man group they are partnered with.

If you can obtain a digital version of your play-by-play after each quarter/half, then you can actually run the program in-game and get all of the above data before crunch time. Both Lineup and Lineup Plus allow for users to correct any errors that may occur due to inaccuracies on the play-by-play. They also produce PDF exports of reports and future releases promise the ability to create custom cumulative reports.

Because each program works off play-by-play data produced by any number of statistics programs, it allows colleges of every level along with high schools, club teams and professional league around the world to get professional level data for a fraction of the cost of many analytic services and certainly less than the cost of hiring your own analytics expert.

Features and capabilities
* Ease of use
* PDF report export
* Data on both teams
* Advanced basketball statistics
* Five-man group basketball statistics (standard and advanced)
* Two-man group basketball statistics
* Three-man group basketball statistics
* Error fixing
* Custom cumulative reporting (coming soon)

Pricing and Availability:
Lineup is available via StatGeek online for $199 USD (12-month subscription). Lineup Plus is $399 USD (12-month subscription). For more information, please contact Matt Sidhom.StatGeek
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StatGeek is a sports analytics company providing coaches with information and more importantly education as to how data informs better decisions. It was founded by a National Champion and Hall of Fame basketball coach who loves math. Copyright (C) 2017 StatGeek, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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