Starcave Entertainment Announces Terra: Formations

[] Galway, Ireland – Irish Starcave Entertainment proudly announces the return of development of its first “AAA” title and first multiplatform game, Terra: Formations! After six years underground, both Starcave & Terra: Formations have returned to the light of day once more. Will this be a story of the underdog back or will history repeat itself! The game is developed for MAC & PC.

In Terra: Formations, players have the freedom to select their preferred style of game play, ranging from high action First Person Shooter (FPS) to more strategic Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game-play of controlling real players in battle (Multiplayer) while building defences! It’s the clash of the titans when it comes to game genres; FPS, RTS and Online Multiplayer worlds – all tied together in this awesome looking fast-paced, action packed, futuristic Massive Multimedia Online Game (MMOG), also featuring single-player options and adventure elements! In short, Terra: Formations will appeal to every hardcore gamer! Terra: Formations is now developed on the UDK (Unreal Engine 3) to bring it forward in graphical enhancements after six years on one of the most powerful “AAA” engines on the market.

By the year 2157, mankind had depleted the resources of planet earth with his lust for power, technological advancements and greed. Ironically, the very machines that played a role in mankind’s irrevocable position were the only chance of survival! After several years of uncertainty, hope was reborn with the efforts of the Global Military Alliance to Terraform one of earth’s celestial neighbours, Jupiter’s moon called “Europa”. It wasn’t until the excavation of the satellite’s icy crust that mankind learned the truth; he was not alone and something, somewhere, was waiting, watching, learning and preparing for battle!

As a player in Terra: Formation, you join the ranks of an elite military force with the objective of reshaping the environments of inhospitable worlds, experience the evolution of a developing planet, and take command to become humanities only hope for survival in an epic struggle for control of the solar system.

Four classes of characters offer different insight to the chaotic world, each providing a unique blend of interaction. The Soldier faction allows for adrenaline pumping action that players have come to expect from traditional FPS games. As a member of the Engineer class, the player becomes the key element in the development of the environment by constructing and repairing mankind’s lifeline to the world (FPS / RTS). The Researcher class explores the evolution of the world to enhance society’s tools and develop new technology (FPS / RTS), and finally the player can opt to take command (RTS) of the action from the perspective of the commander class to bring order to an uncertain future, tying RTS elements into Terra: Formations.

Terra: Formations Funding Campaign – Help Us Get This Game Completed!

Starcave Entertainment has launched Terra: Formations on towards the goal of getting funded by fans of the game! The game is also featured on the new Steam Greenlight to engage with the community to help shape the game to completion. Please contact Mr. Keith Killilea, Producer and Manager for further information or press assets. Extra information is available by visiting Starcave Entertainment online.Starcave
Terra: Formations
Funding Campaign
Terra: Formations on Steam Greenlight
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Starcave Entertainment is a privately owned game development studio (PC, Mac, Consoles, and Mobile) based in Ireland, and founded in May 2012 by industry veteran Keith Killilea, CEO. Copyright (C) 2011 Starcave Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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