Stacword Time Traveling word games to get FREE Makeover

[] Calgary, Canada – To celebrate 2013, Bluespiral Solutions is proud to announce Stacword Original, Stacword Match Day and Escape form Stacword Island are receiving new makeovers, with new gameplay for EFSI and brand new graphics and a new set of questions for Stacword Original.

Stacword Orignal and Stacword Match offer a unique blend of trivia, word play and arcade action as you travel through time playing the role of the Doctor’s assistant. As you can see from the GAME VIDEO BELOW, these FREE GAMES are a great test of your knowledge, memory and hand eye coordination as you build the words on the screen. Their’s 40 tasks to complete in total including 5 hidden and 5 super hidden bonuses. Even though it’s a race against time, the game offers plenty of on screen help with turbo and break buttons to get you out of some tricky situations and a help setting that displays the words on screen for those that are new or would like to concentrate on the arcade aspects of the game. Stacword Original is a great way to learn to more about science, space and time travel whilst Stacword Match Day would appeal to sports fans and travel enthusiasts with its mixture of questions about the UK and Soccer.

Escape from Stacword Island is an anagram style, trivia/word game that’s featured in the What’s hot section for trivia games in both Canada and Germany. Their’s 3 game modes, Game Centre support and 9 subjects to choose from plus over 700 questions. You can even play with a random selection of questions from all the subjects as well. The great thing about EFSI is that you get points for each letter you put in the right place, so even if you’re not quite sure of an answer you can use logic and deductive reasoning to gain extra points as the game lets you know how many letters are correct. This gives everyone a great opportunity to beat their highest scores and make good their escape from Stacword Island.

On a day of makeovers, the new Snooker Star updates and brand new logo also make their first appearance. I’ve made slight improvements to the scoring system to allow it to be more responsive to the screen action. It gives players a better sense of how well they are doing. You can take a look at the new logo design in the links below and the new game video that shows some of the puzzle aspects of this very unique Snooker game.Bluespiral Solutions
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