StackSocial Launches Name Your Own Price Mac App Bundle

[] Venice, California – StackSocial, the web’s leading digital commerce platform, is announcing today it has partnered with nine indie Mac developers to launch the first-ever Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle. The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle allows Mac fans to pay what they want for six different Mac Apps including: iDocument, Jaksta, skEdit, iClip, Sparkbox, and MacCleanse 3. If customers pay more than the average price at that time, they’ll unlock 3 additional apps: MacFlux 4, Typinator, and ForkLift 2. The total value of all 9 applications is $340.

The Name Your Own Price (NYOP) Mac Bundle also includes a charity component. Ten percent of sales will be donated to one of three global charities: Electronic Frontier Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), and charity: water. Customers get to choose which charity receives their donation.

The NYOP Mac bundle will run for two weeks expiring on October 6th, 2012. The applications within the bundle are all latest release versions from the developers and include full after-sales support. The 9 applications included are as follows:

* iClip ($19)
* skEdit ($30)
* MacCleanse 3($20)
* Sparkbox ($20)
* Jaksta ($20)
* Macflux 4 ($130) – Bonus App
* Typinator ($31) – Bonus App
* Forklift 2 ($20) – Bonus App

“There are a number of Mac bundles people can choose from, so we wanted to bring our customers something that really stands out” said Josh Payne, Cofounder of StackSocial. The NYOP Mac Bundle is the first of its kind for Mac software and helps charities in a big way, so we’re extremely excited for the outcome.”StackSocial
Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle

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