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[prMac.com] Toulouse, France – To brighten up the end of the year and welcome in 2013, Square Igloo is dropping the price of every ebook of its collection starting December 1st until the 1st week of January 2013. Their ebooks (DRM-free EPUB format) encourage non-interactive, traditional reading on tablets. These fully illustrated ebooks allow children to focus on the story and the pictures. They can be read on iBooks and Kobo apps on iOS and on any other ebook app that can handle EPUB fixed-layout. Square Igloo ebooks collection, in multiple languages:

Detective Salami:
Everyone thinks a refrigerator is a dull and cold place where food waits, motionless, to be eaten. How wrong! As soon as the door closes, things really start happening on those shelves! There’s been an assault – now there’s a mystery to solve, and rumors are flying! Luckily, Detective Salami is there to get to the bottom of things and restore calm.

* Text by Olivier Dupin, illustrations by lice.
* Available in English and French.

Scaredy Cat Scoot:
Scoot is an adorable little bird who lives peacefully in his tree. However: Scoot is afraid. Afraid of bees, afraid of clouds, and of course, afraid of flying! It’s not easy to overcome his fears when winter arrives and all of the birds have to migrate to warmer countries!

* Text by Najat Azira, illustrations by Matt Roussel
* Available in English and French

Stroll past every day objects: browsing through the pages, young readers will discover that yellow is all around; they will also learn to name things related to this color.

* Text and illustrations by Matt Roussel
* Available in English and French

Little Chicken:
Little Chicken has a happy life in the barnyard: he pecks during the day and in the evening, the farmer’s wife fattens him up with a piece of chocolate. The day he learns that he’s destined to go in the pot, there is only one thing for him to do: run away to the city!

* Text Valerie Muszynski, illustrations by Bilitis Farreny
* Available in English and French

Jon from Outer Space:
Freddy is an ordinary little boy who has an extraordinary adventure. He likes to stare at the stars before going to bed and one night, Freddy sees a shooting star that appears to land in the forest near his house. He goes in search of space debris but instead, he finds everyday animals that have grown enormous. Could they be extra-terrestrial?

* Text by Jean-Pierre Andrevon, illustrations by Matt Roussel
* Available in English and French

Tania and Her Three Ponies:
Tania lives in a land of snow and harsh winters with her grandmother and her three ponies, which mean the world to her. However, one cold day when the storeroom is nearly empty, Grandmother asks Tania to go to the village to swap one of her ponies for some food. Tania is caught between loyalty to her grandmother and the love she has for her ponies. How can she do what is right and stay true to herself? She must find a way.

* Text and illustrations by Nathalie Tousnakhoff
* Available in English, French and German

Almost-Perfect Amelia:
Amelia is such a sweet and gentle child that she’s almost too good to be true. That’s because she has a secret! A beautiful secret, which helps Amelia keep her smile all day long and one which she keeps very safe until the day her rascal of a little brother decides to meddle in her affairs … A book that reminds us of the significance of having a ‘special place’ and the importance of respecting the worlds of those around us.

* Text by Nathalie Tousnakhoff, illustrations by Noemie Foucher
* Available in English, French and German

Boris and Jeremy, two ants on patrol who take their duty very seriously, discover a strange meatball under the lunch table. Half afraid and half curious, they decide to risk their lives and take the meatball home with them. A humorous, grassroots story with tiny creatures and giants!

* Text by Nathalie Tousnakhoff, illustrations by Matt Roussel
* Available in English, French and German

Promo on the entire ebook collection: every title at $1.99 (USD). You may also check out our popular interactive book apps for iPad and Android tablets. Our next title will be released in January 2013!Square Igloo ebooks
Screenshot (Detective Salami)
Screenshot (Scaredy Cat Scoot)
Screenshot (Little Chicken)
Screenshot (Almost-Perfect Amelia)

Square Igloo is a children’s app development and publishing company. They work with experienced authors as well as those from the upcoming generation to publish original creations. The illustrators have many varied graphic styles, such as digital illustration, 3D imaging as well as water color or etching. Their very first app, Scott’s Submarine, hit #1 in France and Spain, and entered the top 10 of many countries including the USA and Australia. Their 4th title is coming up in January. The ebooks collection is a reflection of optimism, tolerance, joy and curiosity. Copyright (C) 2012 Square Igloo. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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