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[prMac.com] Paris, France – gps4cam and Houdah Software teams are pleased to announce their partnership intending to make geotagging always easier by integrating gps4cam pro & HoudahGeo. Running on an iPhone, gps4cam pro offers you an effective, economical and easy to use solution to geolocalize all pictures with the correct time and location. Then HoudahGeo allows you to edit the geotags of your trips and above all, it will offer you a large number of possibilities to manage your geolocalized pictures thanks to native integrations with most of the photo management tools (Aperture, iPhoto, Google Earth…).

Several reasons explain why more and more photographers decide to geotag their pictures. Some want to remember all the locations they visited during their trips and stop wasting their time trying to find out where they took their pictures. Others like showing the places they visited to their friends using the many geo-related features of their favourite picture management software (iPhoto, Lightroom and Aperture) and they also may feel like sharing their geotagged pictures on websites like Flickr, Picasa and Panoramio. Some simply need to geolocalize their pictures to pin them on Google Earth or save trip projects on EveryTrail to show the exact route they followed to their families.

The combined power of gps4cam and HoudahGeo brings Mac users a unique end-to-end geotagging tool, which makes photo geocoding easier than ever before! Indeed, before this partnership, HoudahGeo allowed you to automatically geotag your pictures from gps track logs, to edit your capture points and to export your pictures towards photo management software thanks to numerous integrations available. To sum-up, it was a very great tool assuming that you had a good gps and if you followed a strict workflow to manage your pictures.

Running on a gps-enabled iPhone, gps4cam pro offers you an effective and economical solution to geolocalize all the photos you take with your digital camera. The photos are tagged with the time when you took them and there is no need to synchronize manually the time and date of your iPhone and your camera. The app works with all camera brands and can be used without any telephone network, which is perfect when you travel to foreign countries and has convinced as of today about 100 000 users. However, for a while now, gps4cam users wanted to edit their capture points and to get more links towards picture management software.

Thanks to this partnership, we offer you the best of these two apps and we make geocoding better than ever before. HoudahGeo users gain a very simple way of setting up camera clock configuration. They no longer need to worry about time zone or inaccurate camera clocks. Moreover, gps4cam provides them with a good alternative to GPS track loggers often priced $100 and up. gps4cam pro users, for their part, gain access to the wealth of tools and export options available through HoudahGeo. They will be able to directly manage their geotagged pictures in photo software like iPhoto, Lightroom and Aperture or share them on websites like Flickr, Picassa and Panoramio.

About apps4cam:
Founded in 2009, apps4cam is a team of fans of innovation developing iPhone and Android apps including gps4cam & gps4cam pro.

By bringing together these two applications, we offer you a 4-step workflow to geotag and then plot on a map all the pictures you take! Thus, the powerful gps4cam-HoudahGeo duo will guide you from the moment you take the pictures during your trips until the moment you display your geolocalized pictures on a map to your friends:

1. During your travels, use the mobile gps4cam app to record your trips.

2. At the end of your trip, photograph the QR Code(s) exported by gps4cam. Then, load the photo of the QR code(s) along with the other pictures into HoudahGeo on your Mac. From the information contained in the QR code(s), HoudahGeo adds the gps and time coordinates to your photo files.

3. If you want to, edit and correct the tags of your pictures with HoudahGeo.

4. Lastly, organize your photos and use your favourite photo sharing website (Flickr, Locr or EveryTrail) or photo management software (Aperture, iPhoto, Lightroom or Google Earth).

To celebrate the partnership, HoudahGeo & gps4cam teams are pleased to offer you gps4cam pro with every purchase of HoudahGeo. Thus, buy gps4cam pro through the Apple App Store and send an email to the gps4cam team to request a discount coupon on the purchase of HoudahGeo from the Houdah Software store. Current gps4cam pro users should also send us an e-mail to benefit from the discount coupon! HoudahGeo users who have bought or will buy the software after May 9th, 2013 should contact Houdah Software support by email to be refunded the price of gps4cam pro. Offer expires December 31, 2013. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.Houdah Software
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