South Asian-American Teen Poet Preeti Kulkarni Releases Debut Book of Poetry Flower Storms on the Riverbank

GAITHERSBURG, Md. – Poets like Nikita Gill, Lang Leav, R.H. Sine, Rupi Kaur, and Nayyirah Waheed had a deep impact on the young Preeti Kulkarni growing up. Now, she is following in their footsteps with her own book of inspired free verse called Flower Storms on the Riverbank.

Ever since Preeti was little, she was fascinated by two things: why we are the way we are and stories. Every night, she would ask her mom to tell her a bedtime story, and was enthralled by how the characters acted in their little worlds. In some ways, their worlds helped her understand her own.

In Flower Storms on the Riverbank, illustrated throughout by Jasmine ‘Jaszy’ Smith, Preeti shares her thoughts about her family, her South Asian-American cultural identity and even heartbreak. In her straightforward and plaintive language, she asks the reader to read and reread the poems to find the deeper meanings.

“I started writing at a very young age and it became an important outlet for me during a very difficult phase,” explained Preeti. “I used writing then as a safe space to express my deepest feelings and continue to explore my emotions through words. I hope readers enjoy discovering the layers and a different perspective of life in the poems.”

Written with passion and unsparing honesty, Flower Storms on the Riverbank can be purchased online through SDP Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR— Fifteen-year-old Preeti Kulkarni has been writing from a very young age. Her debut book of poetry, Flower Storms on the Riverbank was inspired by Rupi Kaur and other young Asian authors. Preeti hopes to be a similar voice for other young people, as those authors were for her. To learn more about Preeti, visit the author’s website at

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